Eight Ways To Think Like A Big Church

There’s not only a mandate for the church to grow, there is a natural desire for most churches and church leaders to want to grow.   There are some people who run around saying, “it’s not about numbers”, and in one … Continued

A Budget Friendly Church Staff Retreat With Big Payoffs!

Our staff took a retreat last week.  The purpose of the retreat was for some vision casting and a little planning, but mostly for group connection and time apart.  Due to constraints of some part-time staff and other schedules, we … Continued

How To Get Outstanding Performance From Your Church Staff

In his book, The Three Signs Of A Miserable Job (A Fable for Managers and Employees), Patrick Lencioni offers three reasons why many people don’t experience joy in their jobs. In the story, Brian Bailey, a recently retired CEO who … Continued

10 Characteristics of Church Staff

The church staff is a unique team, called upon to wear many hats, be available and to ultimately be a coach – helping the church be the church.  Here are ten characteristics of church staff ministers: 1. FLEXIBLE – Church … Continued

How to Develop the Culture of an Organization (Andy Stanley Podcast Summary)

Culture is really the strongest force in any environment.  How do create a solid successful culture in your organization? – To create a good culture, identify the things you love and reinforce them. – Ask yourself: if we were starting … Continued

How Are Leaders Made?

Leaders are developed most naturally through these three means:  Relationship – Leadership quality people have almost always had a solid relationship with someone who mentored and showed them the way.  Whether it was a family member, a parent or other … Continued

Homegrown Worship Leaders

Worship leaders, more than most other church staff roles, seem to come from within.  Not in all churches, but with a higher than pastors, youth pastors, etc;  many worship leaders seem to have attended their church before serving on staff. … Continued

7 Characteristics of an Effective Church Office

The church office can be structured in a million different ways.  I have been in churches where the office staff is numerous, but the hallways are very solemn and quiet.  I have been in church offices with very few staff … Continued

How To Change A Team Culture

The culture should support the overall mission of the organization.  A purposeful mission matched with a negative culture will never get off the ground.  The culture – the attitudes and actions of individual players and their shared beliefs with others … Continued

Three Team Members Everyone Needs

Here are three types of people that every team leader needs: Sneezers -The Sneezers are the people on your team who, after catching the vision, understanding the mission and fully believing in the power of what you are doing, uncontrollably … Continued

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