Worship Team Culture Conversations


Most Sunday mornings, our worship team meets to talk and pray between rehearsal and the service. Lately, we have been using these conversation cards to help build the culture of ministry and service together.

It’s easy to print, cut and give out to each person for a mini conversation around a scripture, quote or topic.

Download today for immediate access to these 15 different topics and files!


This resource is designed for quick conversations with your local worship team and can be used to help build your culture and ministry together. Each sheet has four identical cards on it to easily print, cut and pass out as you meet together. Card titles/topics include: Cost Of Ministry, Movement & Stage Presence, Serving Unlocks Something, Flexibility, Giving To The Church, and more. There are a total of 15 cards / topics and we hope they spur on culture conversations in your team.

Here’s a glance at our weekly rehearsal schedule and how we are utilizing the cards for this season.

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