Five Important Things Laughter Does

Have you ever heard the laughing song? Here’s a version from George Younce back in the day. In case you don’t click the video link, the basic lyrics to the song are: Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha.  … Continued

Six Crucial Elements of Vision

Vision is really important for ministry leaders. Without vision, people perish as the writer of Proverbs states. One of the primary goals for the leaders of the church is to seek God’s vision and act on it. I’ve been reading … Continued

What Really Keeps Students Involved

I have often asked student ministry leaders to think of someone who had an impact on their lives while they were in high school. If they have two or three names, I asked them to narrow it down to just … Continued

Four Habits Of Healthy People

I recently picked up a book called The Six Eating Habits of Skinny People. The title made me laugh, but then I kept reading it. I don’t always read health books, but I also don’t mind getting good ideas and tips … Continued

The New Two Month Summer

The summer is changing. It’s busier and it’s shorter. This has a ton of implications for student ministry, mission trips, and camps. But it affects everyone. I noticed that Holiday World, one of our Midwest theme parks, is closed every … Continued

Five Ways To Put Your Family First

When a leader puts his family first, the community benefits. When a leader puts the community first, both his family and the community suffer. – John Maxwell – The Most Powerful 21 Minutes Of A Leader’s Day  There’s a song … Continued

The Only Way To Build Relationships With Students As Your Ministry Grows

As a student ministry leader, it’s not likely you’ll be able to get to know every single student in the group. In fact, even if the group is small enough and you do have lots of extra time, there will … Continued

Seven Simple Summer Ideas For Student Ministry

In many ways, summers can still be carefree for students. Of course, there is some travel and some students are involved in sports, but not every student is gone every day. Summer months provide a great opportunity to build relationships, … Continued

Character Is Personal, But Not Private

Ministry leaders – both young and old – need to keep guard on their character. We must build the kind of parameters to give us high standards and help us live above reproach. Pastors, student ministry pastors and worship leaders … Continued

Low Tech High Touch

Recently at a family gathering, I reflected on the different ways people related to each other. For some of us, I noticed we would make small talk for a minute, then move quickly to sharing info on our phones, showing … Continued

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