The Benefit of Walking Uphill

Who invented “incline” on the treadmill?   It adds a whole new dimension to a morning walk. Its much harder work, you get tired more quickly and you can tell from the use of leg muscles that the walk is making … Continued

How to Keep From Burning Out

During my regular morning routine, I saw something I rarely see.  Most of the time when I have actually seen a light bulb blow out, it’s been right when the switch was turned on. Yesterday, however, I sat down on … Continued

Help Your Students Respond to God’s Call!

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There are many examples of God calling teenagers to follow him and to serve in the kingdom in a specific way.  The students in your church are at a great age of needing to discern where God is leading them and … Continued

Five Things to Balance as you Teach Children & Youth

Here are five areas that every children’s ministry leader needs to balance in their ministry. 1) SCRIPTURE a. Make Scripture a foundation to the work – in your preparation and in your presentation. b. Teach them to learn, love and … Continued

Six Practical Ways To Create Momentum In Your Organization

It’s understood that momentum is an organization’s best friend.  Momentum helps you blow past obstacles.  Momentum attracts people to you and your mission.  Momentum can help move something small into something great and quickly – even when all the odds are … Continued

Four Things I Give Attention To When Developing A Conference Or Event.

I have had the privilege of developing and participating in countless retreats, conferences, ministry events, camps, and seminars over the last few years.  Though there are lots of little things that need to be in place, here are four things I give … Continued

Church Marketing – You Believed Because of That?

We all know there are times when the marketing of a product is much better than the product itself.  Those times are both disappointing and expected.  But its often reverse for the church – the marketing not only doesn’t clearly describe … Continued

Get the fire back in your belly!

Regaining vision & momentum. There may come a time when you realize that you have just been coasting.  You still say the right words, you still do the right stuff, but you just don’t have the passion to make a … Continued

Who Else Needs to Increase Their Impact by Increasing Their Volunteer Teams?

The key to volunteers on your side is ownership.  It’s more than just delegating jobs, though that is a step in the process.  It’s giving those people who believe in you and the mission an opportunity to participate meaningfully and … Continued

Break It Down: Adaptablity… a key to success.

With a two year old in the house, our little Black & Decker version of the Dirt Devil gets a work out every time we have a meal. I bent down the other day to vacuum up a bbq chip … Continued

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