Ignition Middle School Conference 2012

Dear Youth Pastor, I hope your summer ministry went well. I’m praying for you as you head into the fall – the fields are ripe for harvest! This fall, we are again hosting the Ignition Middle School Conference in Troy, … Continued

Volunteer Student Ministry Event Administrator Job Description

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Weekend events, retreats, lock-ins, mission trips and summer camps all come with territory when you are serving in youth ministry.  And administration of these events becomes a full time job!   However, this is one area where delegation is quite fruitful.  There … Continued

9 Ways To Get Students To Turn In Forms On Time!

It’s the cry of most every youth pastor – “How do I get kids to turn in their registration forms on time?” “Our kids are so bad at getting registered for events!” Here are some thoughts you can try – some … Continued

Don’t Breed Communication Apathy

 “In communication, familiarity breeds apathy.” W. Bernbach How to communicate is really a hot topic. This quote struck me as wise.  Maybe instead of louder, bolder or more often,  it just needs to be fresh and new to keep people connected and interested.  What are some … Continued

8 Simple Ministry Ideas

Through conversations and experiences over the last few weeks, here are some random ministry ideas – in no particular order: – Free Meal For You (Clinton, IA) – a couple in the church decided to give out lunches to underprivilaged.  Once a … Continued

Young Adult Life Prescription

I had the privilege of leading a college track at Greenlake Conference Center last week.  Here is one series of Scripture that I shared with them.  These are five things that become useful to any young adult as they journey … Continued

Summer Schedules

Every summer my schedule is pretty full leading music at camps, churches and events.  Through the years, I have talked with youth pastors and other ministry leaders who seem to have just as full of a schedule. In the last few weeks … Continued

5 Benefits of Sleeping On A Church Floor

Each summer Harvest Ministry typically stays a few nights in churches and it’s always a memory.  There are hundreds of groups that travel on mission trips during the summer and spend time on church floors. I thank the Lord for the … Continued

Do you know the goal for a creative subject line?

Subject lines on emails, facebook posts and advertisements are important to get people’s attention. The goal of the creative subject line or article title isn’t just to be cute or clever. The single goal of the subject line is to get people to open … Continued

How to increase attendance at events in just 20 minutes

This is a generalization, but often, a pastor, staff person or active church member will invest twenty or more hours in developing a particular outreach event and not invest the needed time to invite the community. Publicity is a huge part of … Continued

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