Getting in the way of worship

I went to Dollar General last night to pick some last minute things for a meeting. Because of a semi truck parked diagonally, I had to squeeze into the parking lot with little room. Because of the truck, the only spaces available were across … Continued

Three “Greetings” Worship Leaders Should Make on Sunday Mornings.

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Greeting is an act of communication in which human beings intentionally make their presence known to each other, to show attention to, and to suggest a type of relationship between individuals or groups of people coming in contact with each … Continued

Eight Thoughts for Cultivating Growth In Your Church

There are a few words that need to stay on our hearts and minds; in our vocabulary and conversation when we are cultivating growth in our church and ministries. Hope — Any local church–no matter the size, attendance or budget … Continued

10 Things Every Congregation wants their Worship Leader to Know

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1. “Don’t try to be Chris Tomlin, David Crowder, Paul Baloche or Darlene Zschech.  God already has those folks.”  We need you to be uniquely who God created you to be.  Be unique to our church and to our community.  2. “Loud … Continued


At a recent seminar I attended, the speaker talked about three reasons why volunteers are connected in a ministry role:  1)      Obligation 2)      Opportunity 3)      Ownership   The thought was intriguing to me.  Obligation isn’t bad.  In fact, the reason … Continued

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