Make it unreal.

While setting up for a four day event one summer, with what was supposed to be a whole church youth ministry of about 30 kids, we found out the numbers in attendance had changed slightly.  Instead of 25-30 kids, there … Continued

Five Warning Signs a Church is Unhealthy.

I recently read an article from Thom Rainer that listed five warning signs a church may be sick.   It may look healthy on the outside, but once these things begin to set in, full blown sickness is inevitable.  Five Warning Signs 1. … Continued

Visionary or Historian… Which is better?

I made the comment the other day, in a conversation with a friend, that “I didn’t want to be a historian, but a visionary”.  Since that time, I have reflected on that comment and if it really is something I … Continued

The Crossing, Springfield, IL

What a great evening at The Crossing, a seminar for Worship Leaders and Teams, hosted on September 27 in Springfield, IL!  There were 56 people who attended the event held at First UMC.  My brother Jackson Price and I led the … Continued

Indications That We Need Revival

I am not sure of the origin of this list, but I heard Rev. Chris Ritter use them in a sermon at a recent event where Harvest was leading worship.  He was gracious enough to share this list and I … Continued

Top Ten List for Preserving the Status Quo in Worship

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I recently found this Top Ten List for preserving the Status Quo in Worship.  I just cut and paste it for you to read too!  (Page 70, In Search of Wonder, Howard Publishing Company 1995) 10. There is nothing we can … Continued

Three Reasons Some Leaders Excel

Reading this morning from an old leadership (LeRoy Eims, Be The Leader). Three segments motivated me for the day.  The question was asked: How are some leaders able to excel in their work? EXCELLENCE – develop and desire a spirit of … Continued

Dogs and Cats

I heard this old joke someplace:  A dog says, “my owner named me, he loves me, he cares for me… he must be God.” A cat says, “my owner named me, he loves me, he cares for me…  I must … Continued

The Sugar

My little daughter has been taking dance classes and one of the steps is “The Sugar”.  She is just so dog gone cute that I keep asking her to “do the sugar”.  I hadn’t realized that I had asked her … Continued

Why Time Flies

Time is talked about constantly.  When people talk to others about their kids growing up, they always insert the phrase, “it goes so fast.”  People always talk about “not having enough time” and “wishing they had more time”.   Time does … Continued

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