Church Marketing – You Believed Because of That?

We all know there are times when the marketing of a product is much better than the product itself.  Those times are both disappointing and expected.  But its often reverse for the church – the marketing not only doesn’t clearly describe … Continued

No More Fob… and Six Other Ways to Slow Down in Life.

The key ring of my fob (the remote entry for my car) broke a year or so ago.  Since then, I have unlocked my car the old fashioned way – walking right up to the door and manually unlocking it. … Continued

Four Reasons Fasting Is Linked To Prayer

Our church worship team and staff started off the year with the Daniel Fast. Here are some thoughts about why fasting is powerful and why it’s linked to powerful prayer in scripture: 1)     DEPENDANCE: It’s a physical reminder of where … Continued

Get the fire back in your belly!

Regaining vision & momentum. There may come a time when you realize that you have just been coasting.  You still say the right words, you still do the right stuff, but you just don’t have the passion to make a … Continued

Creativity in Worship

Creativity is the defeat of habit by imposing originality and change. — Andy Law Creativity is critical in any organizational leadership.  When it comes to planning worship, it seems it’s even more critical.  We are created by a creative God … Continued

Break It Down: Adaptablity… a key to success.

With a two year old in the house, our little Black & Decker version of the Dirt Devil gets a work out every time we have a meal. I bent down the other day to vacuum up a bbq chip … Continued

What Does Your Church Building Say About God?

Our church just finished redesigning the building.  We made space for more creative worship, got movable sanctuary seating to maximize small group teaching and generally spruced the building up with new carpet and paint.  People are excited and momentum, even … Continued

Leading Servants and Serving Leaders

This phrase once came to mind about the role of a church staff person. I’m not sure if it’s something I read or something that just came to me, but I wrote it on a Post It note and have had it on … Continued

Your Church Needs Coaches, Not Staff

I recently heard someone say, “a church needs to quit hiring staff and start hiring coaches.” In some ways it makes sense. Hiring people who can help assemble the greatest and largest resource of the church – the people – … Continued

A Christmas Story

I heard this old story someplace, not even sure if it’s true or where to give credit. It was the night of the children’s christmas play and little Johnny was upset because he didn’t get the part of Joseph.  He … Continued

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