Character Is Personal, But Not Private

Ministry leaders – both young and old – need to keep guard on their character. We must build the kind of parameters to give us high standards and help us live above reproach. Pastors, student ministry pastors and worship leaders … Continued

Low Tech High Touch

Recently at a family gathering, I reflected on the different ways people related to each other. For some of us, I noticed we would make small talk for a minute, then move quickly to sharing info on our phones, showing … Continued

Don’t Stop Developing Your Worship Ministry

Don’t stop developing your worship ministry. There should always be something taking shape and moving forward. The leader is responsible for building a culture of developing. Ministry development most often moves pretty slowly, with a few spurts. Anytime you get … Continued

Five Tips For Leading Worship At Camp

It’s getting to be that season again. Christian summer camp directors all over the country are seeking folks to come and lead worship for a week here and there. I believe it’s good for every worship leader to use their … Continued

Planning Worship For Sundays When I’m Gone

As a part-time worship leader in our local church over the last 19 years, I have found that it’s much more difficult to plan when I will be gone!  When I’m there, it’s easy to put things together and pinch … Continued

How You Can Increase Contentment By Working With What You’ve Been Given

Succeed with what you have been given. Succeed in the church you are in, with the people you have on your team, with your God given gifts and graces and the structure you’re in. Don’t spend time complaining and comparing. … Continued

23 Questions Worship Leaders Need To Ask

Worship leaders, like all leaders, need to be good question ask-ers and listeners. Sometimes the whirlwind of working with other team members, hammering out chord charts (and other details) and working with the pastor to help provide the best engaging … Continued

Worship Leaders: Connect Before & After The Service

If you have a strong and growing relationship with people off stage, you’ll have more of a connection on stage. This works at different levels depending on the size of the congregation (see relational verse presentational worship leading). But for … Continued

Great Quotes From “Follow The Cloud”

Follow The Cloud by John Stickl is a great book to begin the year! I highly recommend this book to you. It’s good for people who serve in ministry to be reminded that our work flows out of our relationship … Continued

The Difference Between Fruit and Results

When service produces fruit, God is glorified (John 15:8). You can get results by following surefire formulas, manipulating people, or turning on your charisma; but fruit comes from life. Results are counted and soon become silent stats, but living fruit … Continued

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