Celebrate The Ordinary

“God loves the ordinary. The world tries to seduce us with the extraordinary. The culture fills our minds with dreams of home runs, but life is about getting up every day and hitting a single.” Matthew Kelley In his book, … Continued

New Goals, New Attitude

Goals have a way of helping us create a positive attitude in life. They renew our sense of doing something big and challenge us – even if we don’t set the goals ourselves. The Bible speaks to the idea of … Continued

A Daughter Needs A Dad

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It’s fun raising two daughters. I’m learning more and more but will never learn it all! Sometimes they try and team up against me, which is hilarious. And most of the time they say the cutest and sweetest things. While … Continued

Three Clarifying Questions For Communication

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I’ve been reading a book called Rethink Communication by Phil Bowdle. It’s a timely book to read in the light of the instant pressure put on the church to connect and communicate without meeting in person. Any time we plan … Continued

A Season Of Vision Re-Focus

The COVID shutdown has given ministries, pastors, and churches the opportunity to step back and refocus on vision.  Normally, it’s not easy to find a block of time like this for retooling and assessing. I have been re-reading IT: How … Continued

Notes From The Digital Orange Conference

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Along with the team from our church, I attended the 2020 Orange Conference. In an all-digital, participate in your home event, I was amazed at how well they designed it! Especially on such short notice, it was engaging, interactive, and … Continued

Small Things, Major Shifts

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In 1867, a small breakthrough happened out of necessity. A guy needed a better and cheaper way to keep cattle confined to his property. Traditional fencing was too expensive and difficult to build. He invented barbed wire, a strand of … Continued

Think Well (Four Ways To Care For Our Brains)

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Our brains are incredible creations, stronger than any machine in the world! The brain’s processing is more powerful than we can imagine. God certainly wired up humans with an incredible gift of thinking. Unfortunately, it’s often out of sight, out … Continued

Advocate For Your Audience

Part of the goal in reaching people is to advocate for your audience. What do they need? What do they want? How can you remove barriers to their receiving information? Repeat the Message Many well meaning ministry leaders are so … Continued

Five Questions For A Busyness Status Check

I’ve read two books lately on the issue of busyness for ministry leaders – and probably all Christians. The first book was What Matters Most by Doug Fields. (Here’s the post I wrote on that subject.) The second was Rethink … Continued

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