Student Ministries Should Know How To Have Fun

Our church student ministry recently invested a weekend in fun:  On Saturday morning, the middle school group went ice skating in Forrest Park and then went to CiCi’s Pizza Buffet. Then the next day, on Sunday evening, the Sr. High … Continued

Preparation: Don’t Underestimate It.

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I recently heard a joke about a kid who wanted to grow up and be a garbage collector.  His dad asked him why and the child responded, “They only have to work on Tuesday mornings”. Kids come up with some … Continued

Great Quotes From “Follow The Cloud”

Follow The Cloud by John Stickl is a great book to begin the year! I highly recommend this book to you. It’s good for people who serve in ministry to be reminded that our work flows out of our relationship … Continued

Let Your Soul Find Rest

I’m all for productivity and discipline. I like the idea of driven. I want to go forward on mission. Still, I can’t help but be a bit overwhelmed here at the beginning of a new year with all the emails, … Continued

The Difference Between Fruit and Results

When service produces fruit, God is glorified (John 15:8). You can get results by following surefire formulas, manipulating people, or turning on your charisma; but fruit comes from life. Results are counted and soon become silent stats, but living fruit … Continued

Don’t Forget: It’s God’s Church

I read a quote in Tattoos on the Heart by Gregory Boyle where Pope John Paul XXIII used to pray this prayer each night: ” I’ve done everything I can today for your church. But it’s Your church, and I’m … Continued

Highlighted Blog Posts From The Year

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For 2017, approximately 110 new posts were posted on  We crossed the line of 1,000 total posts this year. The blog is divided into four sections centered around ministry leaders and the local church:  Pastors, Worship, Students and Kids.  … Continued

The Key To Being Fully Engaged In Your Ministry And At Home

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I don’t often take naps. It’s not normally in my routine. But the other day, during an 18 hour family day trip, I scheduled a twenty-minute nap. When the time came, I sat in a chair, got comfortable, set my alarm … Continued

Books I’ve Read This Year (2017)

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  Before I get to my list of twenty books I’ve read in 2017, here are some answers to frequently asked questions:  I usually read in the morning between 5 and 6:30, I typically read physical books that I get … Continued

Don’t Overlook Quiet

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The rise of “extrovert mentality as supreme” came during the 20th century. Before urban areas become such a force, people had to rely more on their character than their charisma. People in their more rural community knew them more deeply.  With the … Continued

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