Eight Keys To Learning New Things

Recently, one of my friends challenged me to do push-ups every day. He does 300 a day, but I’m starting off slowly!  It’s been so long since I have taken doing a push up seriously (maybe since PE class in … Continued

The Three R’s For Great Team Work

The three R’s are an important part of the recipe for great teamwork. I read this little reminder in a book called Seven Simple Steps To Unclutter Your Life by Donna Smallin. Respect For Yourself When you approach your work, your friendships … Continued

We’ve been connected to over 300 of the IGRC churches over the years.

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I don’t keep the best records, but I just found a list I compiled about four years ago. This is a list of all the IGRC churches Harvest (or me by myself) have been in to lead or sing over … Continued

Three Very Simple Ways To Be Happier

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The pursuit of happiness. We know not every moment in life is going happy, but in general, we want to have happy lives. We want to do those things to make ourselves and those around us happy. I recently read … Continued

If You’re Going To Be A Lumberjack…

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Michael J. Fox, Back To The Future, tells the story of how he initially got into acting and Hollywood. He wasn’t doing well in high school, but loved the acting classes. He got fed up and half way through 11th … Continued

Grateful? Write It Down.

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Gratitude has been linked, over and over, with a healthy life and a positive outlook. There is, however, a big difference between being grateful and expressing it. If you appreciate something but never let it be known, one could argue … Continued

A Simple Definition Of Poise

When we hear the word “poise” we think of calm, self-assured dignity. Maybe we picture someone attending a royal wedding, having good posture, or point shoe wearing ballerina.  A Google definition of the word is: graceful and elegant bearing in a person. … Continued

A Mission Trip Each Year?

I have been on several mission trips in my life. One time, in particular, I remember being with a group of seminary students on a trip out of the country. During that amazing experience, many in our group talked seriously … Continued

Sing Confidently For Maximum Engagement

It may not be fair, but it’s true: vocal leaders are the ones who lead the way for engagement in worship. When the vocalists are engaging, it helps break down barriers and becomes an invitation for the congregation to sing. … Continued

Our Weekly Worship Rehearsal Routine

I’ve been leading worship at our church, officially, since 2003. Though it seems to flux here and there depending on the season, here’s what we currently have working for our worship teams at church: Wednesday Evenings The tech team arrives about … Continued

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