Seven Principles For Clear Writing

If you’re in ministry, you have to write. It’s a huge part of communicating and a great way to share vision and keep people moving forward together. One key to effective writing is to keep it simple. Here’s a list … Continued

Tweak These Phrases For Maximum Hospitality

There are two main aspects to great hospitality: Words and Actions. A smile, great eye contact, and a posture of helpfulness will get an encounter moving in the right direction. But then your words come into play. How you say … Continued

Our Congregation Lacks Musicians… Now What?

No one would argue that music is an important part of the Christian church. Worship almost always includes congregational music of some kind. But what if your congregation feels like it’s lacking musicians?  Here are some thoughts – specifically for a … Continued

Five Indicators Of Well Being

Gallup completed an extensive study across many cultures and countries to determine how a life can be well lived. Five broad areas surfaced from their study. These areas of well-being are an indicator of the degree to which someone is … Continued

Five Important Things Laughter Does

Have you ever heard the laughing song? Here’s a version from George Younce back in the day. In case you don’t click the video link, the basic lyrics to the song are: Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha.  … Continued

Predictions About The Future

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Last night, I made up some stories about what the future may be like as my daughters get older. It was far-fetched and silly, but they were listening intently. I sometimes have crafted other scenarios about how I may run … Continued

The Magic Move

One of the simplest concepts is an apology. Saying I’m sorry isn’t technically hard, but people find it difficult at times depending on the circumstance. It’s like admitting you’re wrong or needing to ask for help – it’s hard for … Continued

Big Hog

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A church secretary takes a call. The caller says, “Is the head hog at the trough there?” The secretary says, “Please sir, do not refer to our pastor as the ‘head hog at the trough.’ That is very insulting.” “Oh, … Continued

Six Crucial Elements of Vision

Vision is really important for ministry leaders. Without vision, people perish as the writer of Proverbs states. One of the primary goals for the leaders of the church is to seek God’s vision and act on it. I’ve been reading … Continued

What Really Keeps Students Involved

I have often asked student ministry leaders to think of someone who had an impact on their lives while they were in high school. If they have two or three names, I asked them to narrow it down to just … Continued

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