Leaders Operate About 30 Degrees Hotter: Lessons From Old Steam Engine Trains

Lessons From Old Steam Engine Trains:  The engineer’s compartment is always about 30 degrees hotter. Recently, while visiting theMuseum of Transportation in St. Louis, I was reminded of a few leadership and team work concepts.  On the old steam engine … Continued

When does a hectic schedule becomes a sindule?

I heard someone recently say that the over-business in our culture is dangerously close to the “level of sinful”. We’re so busy doing activities we are neglecting what really matters. When asked how someone is doing, many times the answer … Continued

Knowledge VS. Experience

As we were coming home from church, I tuned the radio to the St. Louis Cardinals playing game #1 of the 2011 World Series.  I know my daughter doesn’t like talk radio, so I said, “let’s listen to see whose winning … Continued

Six Ways Dads Can Help Their Kids Belong!

“Kids are going to belong some place. The question isn’t whether kids will belong, but where they will belong.” –Dr. Kevin Leman “What a Difference a Daddy Makes – The Indelible Imprint a Dad Leaves on His Daughter’s Life” is … Continued

13 One Line Youth Ministry Lessons

A huge thanks to Ricky Spindler and Greg Groves for presenting at the 2011 Well For Youth Workers.  Here are some of the one line notes from their presentations for youth ministry leaders:  :: from twitter.com/harvestteam “You’re the main cultural … Continued

Visionary or Historian… Which is better?

I made the comment the other day, in a conversation with a friend, that “I didn’t want to be a historian, but a visionary”.  Since that time, I have reflected on that comment and if it really is something I … Continued

Indications That We Need Revival

I am not sure of the origin of this list, but I heard Rev. Chris Ritter use them in a sermon at a recent event where Harvest was leading worship.  He was gracious enough to share this list and I … Continued

Discipleship & Geographically Close Proximity

I know there are lots of ways to be strengthened, equipped and mentored.  We are endlessly shaped through books, technology, media and connections with people, thoughts and ideas from all over the globe.  However there is no substitute for geographically … Continued

Get Students to Church Camp!

Summer is coming and now is the time to get the students in your congregation to attend summer church camp. Here are 5 reasons why it is so important: 1) Students need time away to hear the voice of God – Schedules are … Continued

Why Time Flies

Time is talked about constantly.  When people talk to others about their kids growing up, they always insert the phrase, “it goes so fast.”  People always talk about “not having enough time” and “wishing they had more time”.   Time does … Continued

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