Risk is Not Just For Large Churches

All churches must take risks. Peter Drucker says “there are risks we can afford to take, risks we can not afford to take and risks that we cannot afford not to take.” Your church needs to be looking for new … Continued

Five Events We Held During The Pastoral Transition

In our denomination, if there is going to be a pastoral transition, it most often happens July 1 and it happens simultaneously around the conference. It’s been a year since our church welcomed a new pastor. It was unusual, but … Continued

Act On It

I just noticed the other day that there is still a little bit of weather stripping coming off of the top of my car door, a 2002 Ford. It’s still dangling ever so slightly. Sometimes, just to make my daughter smile, … Continued

Three Big Picture Issues For Worship Leaders

Every worship leader will tell you the details before any given Sunday are endless. There are the details of scheduling, song selecting, planning, music, chord charts, creative components, technical components, lyric projection, set up, sound checks, media, transitions, team members, … Continued

Character Is Personal, But Not Private

Ministry leaders – both young and old – need to keep guard on their character. We must build the kind of parameters to give us high standards and help us live above reproach. Pastors, student ministry pastors and worship leaders … Continued

Low Tech High Touch

Recently at a family gathering, I reflected on the different ways people related to each other. For some of us, I noticed we would make small talk for a minute, then move quickly to sharing info on our phones, showing … Continued

Four Principles Of Networking For Pastors  

Networking is one key for pastors who are seeking to grow their church. In some notes I took from a Bill Easum seminar, several years back now, he stressed the importance of the pastor  being freed up and visible in the … Continued

Seven Ideas For Overcoming The Summer Slump

Pastors and church leaders often talk about the “summer slump.” The truth is, summer does bring about a different flow. School is out. The weather is nice. Days are longer. Pools, lakes, sports and vacations become a regular part of people’s … Continued

Seven Good Things Obstacles Can Bring

By definition, obstacles block one’s way and prevent progress. No one wants to deal with an obstacle, but it almost always helps sharpen us and moves us in new and many times better directions. When faced with an obstacle, our … Continued

Ten Ministry Pruning Observations

Pruning is a verb. It requires action. It involves cutting away dead or overgrown branches to increase fruitfulness and growth. You reduce the unwanted parts so there’s room and nutrients to grow more fully. You can’t sort of prune something. … Continued

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