Four Principles Of Networking For Pastors  

Networking is one key for pastors who are seeking to grow their church. In some notes I took from a Bill Easum seminar, several years back now, he stressed the importance of the pastor  being freed up and visible in the … Continued

Seven Ideas For Overcoming The Summer Slump

Pastors and church leaders often talk about the “summer slump.” The truth is, summer does bring about a different flow. School is out. The weather is nice. Days are longer. Pools, lakes, sports and vacations become a regular part of people’s … Continued

Seven Good Things Obstacles Can Bring

By definition, obstacles block one’s way and prevent progress. No one wants to deal with an obstacle, but it almost always helps sharpen us and moves us in new and many times better directions. When faced with an obstacle, our … Continued

Ten Ministry Pruning Observations

Pruning is a verb. It requires action. It involves cutting away dead or overgrown branches to increase fruitfulness and growth. You reduce the unwanted parts so there’s room and nutrients to grow more fully. You can’t sort of prune something. … Continued

How You Can Increase Contentment By Working With What You’ve Been Given

Succeed with what you have been given. Succeed in the church you are in, with the people you have on your team, with your God given gifts and graces and the structure you’re in. Don’t spend time complaining and comparing. … Continued

One Big Reason To Share What You’ve Learned

When we share with others what we are learning, it cements it in us. We begin to understand it more clearly. It helps grow those around us. However, the biggest reason may be that it doesn’t cost us a thing! I’ve heard … Continued

The Difference Between a Goal and a Vision

“A goal is a specific event that once achieved, becomes a piece of history to be superseded by a new goal. A vision or view of the future is an ongoing, evolving, hopeful look into the future that stirs the … Continued

Three Stages Of Marriage

Marriage is interesting. I’m fortunate enough to have seen many solid witnesses of faithful marriages my whole life – beginning with my parents, grandparents, and all the way down to aunts and uncles and our church family. I attended a couple … Continued

Different Ways Of Getting Your To-Do List Done

After several years of trying to be more intentional with to-do lists and productivity methods, I’ve come to realize that it seems like something works well for a while then the effectiveness seems to wear off. At which point, I’m … Continued

Four Areas That Require Excellence In The Church

I reread a bit of a book entitled Start This Stop That – Do The Things That Grow Your Church by Jim and Jennifer Cowart. Excellence often requires focusing your energy on the most important things. The authors contend that … Continued

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