Maximize Your Speaking Connection With These Eight Simple Tips

Though this book is for anyone, Everyone Communicates, Few Connect: What the Most Effective People Do Differently by John Maxwell is a must for anyone who stands to speak before people on a regular basis.  As the book mentions, there are Four … Continued

Four Questions – Valuable Insight About Your Calling

Ministry has three levels of calling: call to faith call to minister call to ministry Every Christian is called in some way. I’ve heard the phrase “called to ministry” through books, conversations, and in messages for as long as I … Continued

When Your Values Are Clear, Your Choices Are Easy

“When your values are clear, your choices are easy.” – Thad Allen When our values are really clear, the choices become more limited. A simple example might be our value to be honest. Because we value honesty, we don’t make … Continued

Simplicity Is Not Easy, But It Creates High Impact Churches

No organization or ministry drifts toward simplicity. Complexity is a byproduct of structure and systems. The more you do, the more you must fight to keep things simple. Now is a great time to get to the root of simplicity … Continued

People Love “Because”

Tons of people were there because the weather was nice. We had great success because the team worked so hard. We met each other partly because she decided on the smaller of two schools. Because provides the answer when our … Continued

Three Negative Messages You Send When You’re Late

How is it that some people are never late and others always are? How can an issue always arise that creates the conditions for being late? There may a few good reasons, but overall, the leader sends some certain messages … Continued

Six Ways Vacations Shape Us

Time off is invaluable. Sabbath time is a weekly rhythm you shouldn’t negotiate. Here’s a great sermon that talks more about the Sabbath. Beyond Sabbath, we need extended vacation from work. Whether you take a huge trip or just spend … Continued

Leaders Focus On The Future

“The truth is that focusing on the future sets leaders apart.” Kouzes & Posner Leaders are custodians of the future. They think about what is next. They spend time wondering how the world will look after today or after this … Continued

The Purpose For Structure In The Church

The purpose of any denominational structure is to support the local church. The purpose of the hierarchy is there to help make sure the local church can thrive and continue in mission. I just read More Than a Hobby: How … Continued

The Art of Remembering Names

“People love to hear their names.”  My dad, who is famous for remembering names, mentioned this the other day. It reminded me of the importance of remembering people’s names.  When you are in any kind of people business – including … Continued