Gas Prices

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Two airheads at a gas station:   Airhead #1: “These prices are awful. They just keep going higher!”   Airhead #2: “It doesn’t affect me at all; I always put in just $20 worth.” Quotes To Move You Forward In … Continued

The Letter

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One Sunday a pastor found several letters awaiting him. He opened one and found it contained the single word, “Fool.”   Quietly and with becoming seriousness he shared the letter with the congregation and announced: “I have known many an … Continued

Long Sermon

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A visiting minister was very long-winded. Worse, every time he would make a good point during his sermon and a member of the congregation responded with “Amen” or “That’s right, preacher” he would get wound up even more and launch … Continued

Court Question

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Six housewives living in the same apartment building fell into a dispute of such magnitude that it resulted in their being hauled into court. When the case was called, they all made a concerted rush for the bench; and reaching … Continued

Very Bad News

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This guy goes into a doctor’s office. The doctor says, “Oh, Mr. Jones! We have the results of your test. Do you want the bad news first or the very bad news?” The guy shrugs and says, “Well, I guess … Continued

Wrong Flowers

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A new business was opening and one of the owner’s friends wanted to send him flowers for the occasion. They arrived at the new business site and the owner read the card, “Rest in Peace.” The owner was angry and … Continued

The Check

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One day, an employee received an unusually large paycheck. She decided not to say anything about it. The following week, her check was for less than the normal amount, and she confronted her boss. “How come,” the supervisor inquired, “you … Continued


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After months of searching, Dewey found a job in electrical engineering. Dewey traveled to various locales to analyze and fix problems with his company’s equipment. Yet it frustrated him that his employer gave him little training. One day Dewey heard … Continued

Big Hog

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A church secretary takes a call. The caller says, “Is the head hog at the trough there?” The secretary says, “Please sir, do not refer to our pastor as the ‘head hog at the trough.’ That is very insulting.” “Oh, … Continued


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The young boy was spending a Sunday afternoon with his grandpa. Looking at pictures of his grandpa in his military uniform, the boy asked, “Grandpa, did you ever kill anyone in the war?” “No champ, I never did.” “That’s a good thing.” … Continued