C.A.R.E. For The Students In Your Sunday School

I picked up a little book called, “Help I’m A Sunday School Teacher” by Ray Johnston. The author had a great acronym to help remember the basics of reaching and teaching students through Sunday School: C.A.R.E. Content Often content is … Continued

Jobs I’ve Had (and what I’ve learned)

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The other day, at a men’s breakfast, we talked about how many jobs we’ve had in life. A couple people had a bunch and a some only a handful. It triggered me to think about the jobs I’ve held and … Continued

10 Ways Christians Should Interact

I am grateful for the straightforwardness of the Scripture passage in Romans 12.  If this was a world-wide to-do-list, we would be living in a drastically different place. For sure, these ten things will change your heart and attitude as … Continued

Three Goals For The Faith Of An 18-23 Year Old

If you have kids living in your house, here are a few markers to shoot for as they approach young adulthood. If you have young adults, have conversations about these three goals. In any case, pray for your student! These … Continued

Seven Simple Ideas For Sunday School

Sunday school teachers should have fun in their classes. Be creative as you figure out ways to help students connect, grow and learn. Here are a handful of simple ideas I picked up from a little book called, Help, I’m … Continued

Only Children For Now…

There was an awesome story in the book, Help, I’m A Sunday School Teacher by Ray Johnston. It was the 1950’s and a Philadelphia congregation watched three nine-year-old boys get baptized. Tony Compolo was one of those boys. Years later, … Continued

Step Back And Listen

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Listening is very becoming of a person. Too often, we’re just too engrossed – in ourselves. As someone who knows how much fun I have talking, it’s not always easy for me to listen. But listening creates connections, lifts spirits, … Continued

Ten Principles for Effective Church Committees

Pastors and church leaders must count on their leadership teams!  The more you build intentional leadership in your ministry, the better chance of setting your church up for long term success – even after you’re no longer in leadership. Whether … Continued

Help Your Child Overcome Fear

It’s alright to be afraid. But being afraid is temporary. It’s also ok not to be afraid. And we can teach our children new responses when fear arises. Part of learning to grow up with a strong, confident identity is … Continued

Four Words For The Missionary (And Every Believer)

I’m motivated by the missionary heart of Karen Watson. Her devotion to the gospel was powerful and she claimed that there is no greater joy than knowing Jesus and serving him. Even in her death as she served on the … Continued

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