Planning Worship For Sundays When I’m Gone

As a part-time worship leader in our local church over the last 19 years, I have found that it’s much more difficult to plan when I will be gone!  When I’m there, it’s easy to put things together and pinch … Continued

Seven Good Things Obstacles Can Bring

By definition, obstacles block one’s way and prevent progress. No one wants to deal with an obstacle, but it almost always helps sharpen us and moves us in new and many times better directions. When faced with an obstacle, our … Continued

Ten Ministry Pruning Observations

Pruning is a verb. It requires action. It involves cutting away dead or overgrown branches to increase fruitfulness and growth. You reduce the unwanted parts so there’s room and nutrients to grow more fully. You can’t sort of prune something. … Continued

Parents: Respond, Don’t React

Kids learn quickly. They have a high level of control over their parents. There are certain things they can do to get their parents attention. It happens naturally right out of the womb with a cry. But as the child grows, the parents must mature in the … Continued

Wearing Two (or more) Hats In Ministry

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I serve in a local church part-time. I also serve as a leader for a ministry outside of the church. I know many other people who do the same thing. There are lots of worship leaders who also do graphics, … Continued

How You Can Increase Contentment By Working With What You’ve Been Given

Succeed with what you have been given. Succeed in the church you are in, with the people you have on your team, with your God given gifts and graces and the structure you’re in. Don’t spend time complaining and comparing. … Continued

Three Ways To Build A Rhythm Of Discipleship In Kids Ministry

No matter the curriculum you’re using or how many minutes you have to meet with your group of kids during the week you can incorporate these three things into your time together. Some kids come from homes where nothing of … Continued

One Big Reason To Share What You’ve Learned

When we share with others what we are learning, it cements it in us. We begin to understand it more clearly. It helps grow those around us. However, the biggest reason may be that it doesn’t cost us a thing! I’ve heard … Continued

Wheels, Work and Women


Only a small four percent of boys who participate in scouting make it to Eagle, the highest rank in Boy Scouts of America. Part of it may be the hard work that is required to acquire the twenty-one merit badges … Continued

Declarations for Children’s Ministry Leaders

Of all of the teams serving on Sunday morning in the church, the children’s ministry volunteers could easily be a contender for the one making the most tangible impact. As Dwight Moody was famous for saying, “If I had to … Continued

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