20 Books I’ve Read This Year – 2014

This year I was challenged to read a book a week.  I kept up really well the first six months and have been trying to catch up since.  Either way, I read more this past year than I have in … Continued

Spiritual Life Nights – Follow Up

The Spiritual Life Weekend was awesome!  Here’s a follow up post to say thanks. Hosting a series of Spiritual Life Nights has been on our radar for quite sometime.  Most all of our Harvest Conferences require some sort of pre-registration … Continued

Summer 2015 Ministry Opportunity

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Are you a ministry minded young adult?  Interested in serving in ministry through music, worship, missions and camps this summer? Since 1996, over 200 young adults have served on Harvest Summer Ministry Teams primarily serving around Illinois ane the Midwest … Continued

Spiritual Life Nights 2014

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Students all over Southern Illinois are invited to attend one of the Spiritual Life Nights in November of 2014! Speaker:  Tom Richter (Queens, NY) and Worship Music with Harvest Worship Band. Belleville, IL – November 6 Olney, IL – November … Continued

Summer 2014

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We are winding down the Harvest 2014 Summer Ministry.  This was our 19th summer season and it started off a little strange.  At some point in the early Spring, we realized that not many people had applied to serve on … Continued

Jesus’ Advice When Going Out To Minister

During the summer, there are countless groups involved in missions and ministry.  I ran into a youth pastor friend at a gas station coming back from another state with students.  Another church I know just got back from a week … Continued

Ignition Middle School Conference

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Dear Youth Worker ~ I’m really excited about the opportunity to gather with the middle school students from several churches this fall at Ignition Conference in Troy, IL!  This Friday / Saturday event has proven to be a great opportunity to … Continued

Insights into Leading Kids in Worship

I’ve been privileged to lead children in worship on many occasions over the years.  In fact, we have written and recorded lots of songs for kids worship ministry that have worked well for getting kids engaged.  Listen to some of … Continued

Kids Worship Music From Harvest

We’ve collected and written several songs that work well for getting kids engaged in worship.  Most of these listed below are fun or actions songs. Chips and Salsa on iTunes Chips and Salsa on Video  Fruit Fruit (Fruits of the … Continued

Harvest 2014

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The 19th Harvest Ministry summer season is upon us! The schedule is full, the opportunities are endless and the Spirit is at work!  Using a slightly different format this year, Harvest will have a three person core team (traveling all … Continued

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