Coming Up…

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I’m looking forward to a few new events coming up in local churches!  If you are in any of these areas, make plans to attend! BEAUTIFUL U GIRLS CONFERENCE IN FAIRFIELD, IL We are in the process of working out … Continued

New Harvest Worship Band EP

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  Harvest recently recorded a new Harvest Worship Band EP – available now on iTunes and other digital locations!  Physical CD’s will be available soon.     A huge thanks to everyone who helped on the project and for everyone … Continued

A Prayer For Fire-Up Unleashed

It’s been a week since this year’s Fire-Up Conference ended.  We’re still praying for everyone who attended the weekend. We’ve had lots of great themes over the years and like most years, the Unleashed theme is probably more about what … Continued

Fire-Up: A Faith Shaper

  Fire-Up Conference is the Sr. High Discipleship Weekend we host in Troy, IL every winter.  Today, we’re getting ready for the 19th weekend at Troy United Methodist Church.  There’s an army of people involved in helping to make the … Continued

Book Harvest Ministry this year!

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Would you like to have Harvest at your church?  Do you need a worship team for your conference or retreat?  We’d love to join you! POSSIBLE EVENTS: Conferences – Harvest will bring a team to lead worship for your conference … Continued

Keys To A Dynamic College Ministry Worship Band

There are hundreds of college worship teams.  Here are some things that your college worship band has going for them: Relationships – College students have a web of close relationships and they can easily invite friends to join them in … Continued

Where We Were In 2014

Every Christmas, we list the places Harvest has been for the year and thank those who invited us.  Harvest traveled about 120 days this year, serving in approximately 50 different events, leading more than 160 worship services with approximately 80 … Continued

End of Year Connections

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Every non profit ministry seems to invite people to give at the end of the year.  Truth be told, Harvest is among those organizations who would have trouble staying afloat without your generous end of year gifts.  We want to … Continued

20 Books I’ve Read This Year – 2014

This year I was challenged to read a book a week.  I kept up really well the first six months and have been trying to catch up since.  Either way, I read more this past year than I have in … Continued

Spiritual Life Nights – Follow Up

The Spiritual Life Weekend was awesome!  Here’s a follow up post to say thanks. Hosting a series of Spiritual Life Nights has been on our radar for quite sometime.  Most all of our Harvest Conferences require some sort of pre-registration … Continued

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