A Better Word For The Rat Race

My oldest daughter and I go out for breakfast the first Tuesday of every month – it’s affectionately known as take-out-Tuesday. This practice began when she started kindergarten, it’s one of the few traditions we intentionally planned.  We decided to make … Continued

Ten Things To Include In Your Children’s Ministry Leaders Meeting

You may have started your work in children’s ministry because of your love for kids. But, by now, you’ve also discovered the need to connect, recruit, and equip adults in order to accomplish an effective ministry. Your adult leadership team … Continued

Seven Ways To Deal With Sporadic Children’s Ministry Attendance

Church attendance patterns are changing. If a family makes it to church a couple times per month, it’s good. This may require children’s ministry leaders to become a little more strategic. It makes building relationships and building lessons each week … Continued

Are You Raising Family-Centered Or Child-Centered Kids?

A family-centered child, rather than a child-centered family, produces a more giving person. – Kevin Leman It makes sense.  A family-centered child will learn what it means to give and take, to serve others, to be a part of the … Continued

Five Tips For Purposefully Parenting Your Middle Schooler

Middle school years are a season of change.  Learning independence. Experiencing new things in life. Navigating waters of friendships, school, self-awareness and adolescence is all part of going from kid to adult. Each person must go through it, but it’s … Continued

Integrity 101

Integrity is talked about everywhere these days. It’s an important ingredient in the life of a leader, in the life of a business, in the life of a ministry, in our habits, our relationships, our work and our finances. The … Continued

I’m A Price – And We Don’t Do That

I’ve been reading a great book called “It’s Your Kid, Not A Gerbil” by Kevin Leeman. If you have kids at home, this is one book I recommend. A byproduct of our hyper scheduled culture is lack of time at … Continued

When To Remember God

Here’s an incredible message for the next generation – think about God now. Remember God and His words for your life and live them.  Don’t wait for things to get bad. Don’t wait until tragedy strikes your life or your … Continued

Four Ways To Offer Praise To Kids

Mark Twain once said that “he could go three months on a good compliment.”  Just like we need oxygen, food and water to develop and grow, we need encouragement and praise to be healthy. And as much as you, as … Continued

How To Build An Ongoing Volunteer Recruitment Culture In Your Church (Seven Steps)

As ministry leaders, we must make it clear that we have room for more people to serve in ministry. The overarching reason to be connected to the church is to serve in it.  Too often, we save recruitment of our … Continued

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