Five Things to Balance as you Teach Children & Youth

Here are five areas that every children’s ministry leader needs to balance in their ministry. 1) SCRIPTURE a. Make Scripture a foundation to the work – in your preparation and in your presentation. b. Teach them to learn, love and … Continued

Why I Love the Light Kids Conference…

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Click to play short video! One day a year, grade school kids all over Illinois put everything on hold to attend The Light Kids Conference. This one day event, hosted in three different locations, is designed to energize kids in … Continued

Leap Year – 12 fun things to do with your free day!

Leap Day, as it’s formally called, will happen during Leap Year 2012.  The 29th of February only comes around once every four years – it’s like the extra 24 hours we all dream of having now and then. So plan … Continued

Who Else Needs to Increase Their Impact by Increasing Their Volunteer Teams?

The key to volunteers on your side is ownership.  It’s more than just delegating jobs, though that is a step in the process.  It’s giving those people who believe in you and the mission an opportunity to participate meaningfully and … Continued

Children’s Ministry Leaders Must Become Diversity Experts

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The children’s ministry, at the churches I have been in over the last few months, has been much more diverse than the congregation as a whole.   I recently read from Sam Rainer, in 10 Unexpected Trends to Surface in 2020,  that the … Continued

12 Simple (& Mostly Free) Ways to Grow a Small Church Student Ministry

I see scads of small church youth ministry on an annual basis.  I love them.  I love the leaders.  I love the students.  I also am blessed to work with some of the larger student ministries in my little circle … Continued

Helping Kids Soar!

In order for a kite to fly, the string holding it must be anchored to someone or something. Without this constant anchored tension, it can’t soar.  Much like a kite, children need such an anchor.  Here are four ways children … Continued