7 Things Ministry Leaders Need To Keep Doing

As the old farmer once said, “The problem with cows is that you have to keep milking them.” At times, we plan with the “this should do it once and for all” motto.  Anyone who has led people for very long … Continued

12 Ways To Delegate Prayer

Jesus invited people to pray for him.  He invited people to pray for workers in the harvest field.  He invited his disciples to pray for him in the garden.  And he invited people to be in constant prayer.  He expected … Continued

Five Ministry Time Savers

Though each of these require a little extra time up front, they produce “more” time later.  These are five ways to save time in ministry. Delegate – Figure out the little ways someone can help you.  Don’t get paralyzed wishing you … Continued

Shiloh, IL Event

We had a great time in Shiloh, IL last Saturday and it was a great ministry event.  The purpose of the time was to invite the community to a free back to school rally.  They gave away backpacks with school supplies, … Continued

Generations Camp Schedule

I’ve been going through a little pile of stuff that always ends up in my backpack during week in and week out summer ministry events.  I thought I might post some of the schedules that we have had this summer.  This particular … Continued

8 Simple Ministry Ideas

Through conversations and experiences over the last few weeks, here are some random ministry ideas – in no particular order: – Free Meal For You (Clinton, IA) – a couple in the church decided to give out lunches to underprivilaged.  Once a … Continued

Young Adult Life Prescription

I had the privilege of leading a college track at Greenlake Conference Center last week.  Here is one series of Scripture that I shared with them.  These are five things that become useful to any young adult as they journey … Continued

You’re Going To Disappoint Someone

I heard this statement once: “Ministry leaders, you’re going to disappoint someone, try not to let it be your kids.” There are many ways that ministry work gets put in front of family.  So, it doesn’t seem too bad for it to … Continued

Check In At Home

People “check in” everywhere.  The whole world knows they are here and there and engaged in whatever activity is going on.  People check in at church, at restaurants, and the list goes on and on. The thought occurred to me that … Continued

6 Ways A Staff Member Can Influence The Church

Does the staff influence the church more or does the church influence the staff more? Obviously, they both happen to some degree, but this question has been on my mind.  In this post, I will focus on the ways church … Continued

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