25 One Line Lessons For Childen’s Ministry Leaders

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We had a great time over the weekend meeting with Children and Family Ministry leaders from the Shiloh, IL area.  Thanks to Lindsay Vollmar and David Roderick for leading during the first ever Connection.  Thanks for your thoughts and your ministry! … Continued

5 Benefits of Thinking Like A Small Church

I once invited a worship leader from a huge church (over 10,000 people in attendance) to speak at our church.  I named the seminar, “Thinking Like a Big Church” which I thought would be motivating to church leaders in our … Continued

5 Steps Toward More Mission-Minded Kids

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Yesterday, we dropped off an old sewing machine at the Midwest Distribution Center in central Illinois.  I was glad that my family joined me (my wife and my my two young daughters, age 7 and 2) in the donation because … Continued

3 Ways to Minister To “Church Kids”

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Samuel was among the first official “church kids” in Scripture.  Because his mom was so grateful to have Samuel after many years of waiting, she committed to give her young son to the service and ministry of the temple.  He … Continued

Focus on Your Strengths

“We know some of their strengths, but I think it’s important that we focus on our strengths.” – Mike Matheny, St. Louis Cardinals Manager, 2012 As we have seen the St. Louis Cardinals overcome some pretty devastating odds, it’s a … Continued

Older Students Will Lead or Leave

It seems that once a student gets a drivers license, their days in youth group become numbered.  It’s hard to compete with school, part-time jobs, and social lives of a mobile upperclassman. I recently heard it succinctly put this way, … Continued

Do You Know The Impact of 1-11-55 Principle?

If one customer has a bad experience, they will tell 11 people who will in turn tell 5 others.  On  the other side, if a customer has a positive experience, they will tell about 6 people who in turn tell … Continued

A Great Prayer for Leaders to Pray

Here are five powerful points from Ephesians 3 for you to pray – for your family, for your leadership team, for your church.  I pray… 1) That out of Christ’s glorious riches he may strengthen you with power through his Spirit in your … Continued

Ministry Leaders: Create, Don’t Replicate

“Church leaders need to create ministry, not replicate it.”  Center Church, Keller Creating ministry, specific to your region, the people and the gifts of the congregation is a powerful force. Attending conferences, hearing about other ministries and churches and reading books, … Continued

Why Connect With Children’s / Family Ministry Leaders?

“Children’s ministry will emerge as the most strategic opportunity in the church.”  This statement was made in a blog from The Youth Cartel entitled 10 trends that will shape the future of youth ministry. [read it here] I have to agree. Participation … Continued

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