7 Characteristics of an Effective Church Office

The church office can be structured in a million different ways.  I have been in churches where the office staff is numerous, but the hallways are very solemn and quiet.  I have been in church offices with very few staff … Continued

How to add value w/out spending a dime…

I once read a paragraph from a book that talked about adding value without spending any money.  It was an intriguing concept that has always stuck with me. As a husband, I don’t always have to spend money to say, … Continued

Healthy Mouths, Healthy Lives

It’s no secret that the words we say can make a difference. The words we speak to others and to ourselves are powerful.  We are often speaking into reality something that was never there before. I recently saw a public … Continued

Fruit Fruit (of The Spirit) Video

My daughter and I made a video for The Light Kids Conference. The song is based on the Fruit of the Spirit in Galatians 5. My daughter helped with the puppets. We had a blast creating this video – she … Continued

The Light Kids Conference

The theme for 2013 was Stand By Me.  Thanks to all the great teams of people,  the programming, music and planning seemed to work well.  But, what exceeded my expectation was the response to the invitation. The first session was the … Continued

Quick Game Leading Tips

Yesterday’s post gave some reasons why games can be important for youth ministry.  In this post, I want to share a few quick youth ministry game leading pointers: 1)  Don’t call a game a game.  Just begin. Know the game well and … Continued

Why I use games in student ministry

Some youth pastors say that they aren’t game people.  I understand where they are coming from and what they are saying. I don’t think the use of games or not using games is any kind of indication of spiritual temperature in the ministry. But I use games … Continued

The Sin Didn’t Stick

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Had a great Faith @ Home event at our church yesterday.  During the course of each year, the Family Ministry Team sets up one time events for parents with children in specific age categories.  The parents and kids then meet during the worship … Continued

Free Things We’ve Done Recently

It’s approaching spring, but it’s still winter here in the Midwest.  Here are some of the free ways that we have had fun in the last few days with our two little kids… 1)  Piled all the pillows and blankets we could find … Continued

The Light Kids Conference

The Light Kids Conference is coming up.  I love the Light Kids Conference because it’s a great opportunity to share the message of Christ with tons of kids.  We began the Light Kids Conference back in 2001.  My wife and … Continued

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