Six Ways Church Staff Team Members Can Influence The Church

Does the staff influence the church more or does the church influence the staff more? Obviously, they both happen to some degree, but this question has been on my mind.  In this post, I will focus on the ways church … Continued

When Your Values Are Clear, Your Choices Are Easy

“When your values are clear, your choices are easy.” – Thad Allen When our values are really clear, the choices become more limited. A simple example might be our value to be honest. Because we value honesty, we don’t make … Continued

Quotes For Kids & Students

When I was younger, I heard the Mark Twain quote: “The two most important days of your life are the day you were born and the day you find out why.” It stuck with me. It was inspiring. I don’t … Continued

Four Things Gentleness Does

I lived with my grandma during a college internship. She let me borrow her car when mine was in the shop. I returned home that evening and thought I would scare her a bit. I joked, “Your car really shakes … Continued

Why You Should Read To Your Kids

I remember reading when I was a child. I remember my mom reading to me and my brothers. I remember my dad reading Dr. Seuss Books with funny expressions, mostly reading the crazy phrases really quickly. I have vivid memories … Continued

Kids Music During Quarantine

I’ve led worship for kids on numerous occasions. It’s always really cool to see kids engage in action and motions as well as sing with all their hearts on the songs that don’t include motions. Maybe it’s obvious, but children … Continued

What Does It Mean To Choose High Quality Leisure?

Have you ever spent time in front of a screen only to feel like you wasted part of your day / life when you finally emerge? That’s what Cal Newport describes as “low quality leisure.” It’s not the kind of … Continued

Signs Of [Digital] Revival In The Church

The church has been thrust into a digital world. What was once a luxury has become a necessity. Until now, the church treated the digital world as a luxury and now it’s a necessity. D. Jackson Price Praise the Lord … Continued

Memorize the Books Of The Bible – Free PDF.

I was recently at a student ministry event where the challenge to recite all 66 books of the Bible was presented. Whoever could do it received $50! To be honest, I was scratching my head wondering if I would be … Continued

Children’s Ministry Leaders Digest

Whether you’re a volunteer, part-time or full-time children’s ministry leader in your church, thank you! Thank you for your ministry and your continued faithfulness! Your investment in the lives of children may like planting trees under whose shade you may … Continued