Develop a Culture of Comfortable Criticism

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I just saw a list of eleven characteristics of effective teams (MacGregor, Kaztenbach and Smith) and it spurred my thinking about worship teams and church staff teams. One characteristic struck me as an immediate way to help build a culture … Continued

TV Free?

We just packed our TV away in the closet for the summer season.  I assume we are in the minority, as far as TV’s go, though I have been recently hearing more and more people taking this approach.  We have … Continued

Three Reasons Some Leaders Excel

Reading this morning from an old leadership (LeRoy Eims, Be The Leader). Three segments motivated me for the day.  The question was asked: How are some leaders able to excel in their work? EXCELLENCE – develop and desire a spirit of … Continued

Why Time Flies

Time is talked about constantly.  When people talk to others about their kids growing up, they always insert the phrase, “it goes so fast.”  People always talk about “not having enough time” and “wishing they had more time”.   Time does … Continued

Motivation of Volunteers

Most of what is accomplished in my work is through an army of volunteers, all for whom I am grateful!  Motivation is a key piece to the effective work of any team, especially a volunteer team.  I was intrigued by … Continued

Nurturing Your Ministry Team

A quote that has always stuck with me is that “a great leader is like a turtle on a fence post  – – there’s no way that turtle got up there by himself”.  We all have people on our teams … Continued

5 Simple Questions to Ask Your Team Members

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1)      Do you know what you are planning to accomplish tomorrow?  2)      Are you having fun in your job / role on this team? What have you planned today, outside of your team role, for fun and relaxation? 3)      Would … Continued

Perpetually Partially Connected


A large percentage of Americans are Perpetually Partially Connected.  Though it seems like we are connected to a greater extent, we are never fully engaging in one aspect of life.  We look at our phone while we are eating dinner, … Continued

9 Ways to Grow Community with your Staff


I have been a part of church staff that had three people, a staff that had over 40 people and a staff somewhere in between. Community among staff is an important ingredient to keep a church or any organization moving forward. … Continued


At a recent seminar I attended, the speaker talked about three reasons why volunteers are connected in a ministry role:  1)      Obligation 2)      Opportunity 3)      Ownership   The thought was intriguing to me.  Obligation isn’t bad.  In fact, the reason … Continued

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