5 Christmas Promises

YOU ARE LOVED For God so loved the world – including you – he sent his only son, Jesus! Through him, for everyone who believes, our sins are forgiven and we have life everlasting! She will give birth to a … Continued

The Right Friends Can Help Overcome Worry

It may make you feel better to know you’re not the only one who worries! Someone once quipped: “Worry works – 98% of the things I worried about never happened!” But just because our minds can so easily move to … Continued

Thanksgiving Posts


It’s Thanksgiving Week and here are a collection of some “thankfulness posts” from the archives. Happy Thanksgiving to you! 101 Things For Which Anyone Can Be Thankful Thank you for the sky. Thank you for the mountains.  Thank you for … Continued

Jesus Changes Agendas

Many books have been written on the ways Jesus changes our direction and agendas. Here’s one more little example from Luke 24. Jesus had just risen that day and two of his followers were walking along the road. Jesus appears … Continued

How To Gain Leadership Wisdom

There are no shortcuts to wisdom. It takes time. You don’t gain wisdom in leadership just because you set out to be a wise leader, but because your goals are set on helping others. It doesn’t matter what role you … Continued

Jesus Borrowed

I’m struck by how Jesus borrowed and used stuff from people. In each case, he took good care of it, used it for a purpose and his glory and then returned it. He Borrowed A Boat In Luke 5, Jesus … Continued

What Does It Mean To Decrease?

John the Baptist said, “He must increase, but I must decrease.” What a great, cut to the chase line. In John chapter 3, John is exalting Jesus, basically telling his disciples, “Jesus is really your guy, the Messiah. I’m the messenger.” … Continued

10 Ways Christians Should Interact

I am grateful for the straightforwardness of the Scripture passage in Romans 12.  If this was a world-wide to-do-list, we would be living in a drastically different place. For sure, these ten things will change your heart and attitude as … Continued

Four Words For The Missionary (And Every Believer)

I’m motivated by the missionary heart of Karen Watson. Her devotion to the gospel was powerful and she claimed that there is no greater joy than knowing Jesus and serving him. Even in her death as she served on the … Continued

Four Reasons for Small Groups

Over the years, I have been in many different small groups.  During one season of high school, I was in a group of all freshman guys, led by one of the high school seniors.  We named ourselves the Mountain Men, … Continued

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