On Being A Servant Of God

On Being A Servant Of God, by Warren Wiersbe is a great book for pastors and church staff. It’s broken up into several small chapters packed with wisdom from a seasoned church leader. Today’s post is a collection of quotes … Continued

12 Things You Need To Know About Your Words

Words. We say a bunch of them each day. In fact, the average American English speaker engaged in a friendly conversation speaks at a rate of approximately 110–150 words per minute. On average, we say about 17,000 words per day. … Continued

Jesus And… (one of the worst things Christians can do)

The story is told of a large food distributor who created an amazing, ready-to-go cake mix. It was a break through – and as simple as adding water to the powder and putting it in the oven.  The easy cake … Continued

I Find That I Keep Offering God My Service When What He Wants Is My Fellowship

“I find that I keep offering God my service when what He wants is my fellowship.” ― John Paul Warren Without deep community, ministry service will wane and become hollow. Burnout will occur.  Joy will be gone. John 15 tells us … Continued

Incorporate Short, Powerful Prayers Into Your Life

I just finished reading a little book called, The Ten Second Prayer Principle.  The concept of praying short prayers all day may happen naturally for you, but I was intrigued by a few things in this book. STALE PRAYERS  It’s … Continued

Courtesy Costs Nothing, But Can Change Everything

Extending a pleasant word costs us nothing, so why not give it away freely? Kindness makes a world of difference when you are dealing with people. Even those people who are hard to deal with can be softened through common courtesy. Speaking … Continued

Four Excuses That Could Keep Us Spiritually Immature

Someone recently reflected that a high percentage of most churches are filled with people who are either spiritually dead or spiritually immature. Would you agree?  Is this why the church is losing ground in terms of growth in the nation? … Continued

Integrity 101

Integrity is talked about everywhere these days. It’s an important ingredient in the life of a leader, in the life of a business, in the life of a ministry, in our habits, our relationships, our work and our finances. The … Continued

My Policy Is Simply, Go Ahead.

Here are some thoughts from Colossians 2:6-10. Paul’s had a few reasons to write to this church who was dealing with heresy in teaching: 1) That the church may be encouraged. 2)  That they may have the full riches of … Continued

When To Remember God

Here’s an incredible message for the next generation – think about God now. Remember God and His words for your life and live them.  Don’t wait for things to get bad. Don’t wait until tragedy strikes your life or your … Continued

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