A Life Practice I Want To Develop

Patience is one of the many things wisdom provides for us in life. It’s been said we judge others by their actions and we judge ourselves by our intentions. When we act irrationally or emotionally, our minds justify our behavior, … Continued

Repetition Is Key

Why do people attend conferences each year? Why do executives meet on conference calls with their teams multiple mornings a week? Why do teachers review the material before a test? Because repetition is key to remembering, internalizing, and staying motivated. … Continued

Don’t Get Out Of The Habit

It doesn’t take long to change a routine. Do something every day for a couple months and suddenly it seems you’ve done it forever! We’ve passed the three-month mark of the 2020 global pandemic. In our home state, we’re moving … Continued

Clutter Congests! Clear It.

Clutter will congest the opportunity to fully enjoy life. As someone who naturally keeps too much stuff, I’m speaking from experience. During a couple decades of marriage, I’ve watched my wife naturally keep things simple, leaving me with a small … Continued

Two Words That Sum Up Living Victoriously

In his book, The Secret Of Happiness, Billy Graham shares a story of someone asking about a victorious life. Though there isn’t a formula, two words could describe it: surrender and devotion. Surrender and Devotion Nothing can replace daily devotions … Continued

A Break From The Crowds To Work On Our Faith

Did you realize the walking on the water miracle happened between being with the large crowds? In Matthew 14:22, they had just fed 5000 – an incredible gathering and miracle. After the meal, Jesus strategically sent his disciples off while … Continued

Celebrate The Ordinary

“God loves the ordinary. The world tries to seduce us with the extraordinary. The culture fills our minds with dreams of home runs, but life is about getting up every day and hitting a single.” Matthew Kelley In his book, … Continued

The Bible Doesn’t Need To Be Defended

Someone once said, “The Bible needs no more defending than a lion.” God’s word stands for itself and does it’s work in the hearts of people. A bit of scripture from God’s Holy Word can change a person! Even reading … Continued

Inspired By These Missionaries and Martyrs

The Torchlighter Series is currently free on Amazon Prime Video (for who know how long). Though I had heard of these videos and had seen one at an event, I hadn’t watched most of them. These basic animation stories are … Continued

Remember When…

Then Jesus asked them, “When I sent you without purse, bag or sandals, did you lack anything?” “Nothing,” they answered. Luke 22:35 This is a question referring back to a time in Luke 10:4 when Jesus sent out the disciples to the … Continued