The Cure For Envy

Envy. We all deal with it. It creeps up when we see someone’s new car, new home or their big vacation. It can overpower church leaders when they see other pastors with more visible ministries. It can happen amongst children … Continued

One Time It’s OK To Be A Baby

Being a baby in most cases doesn’t fare well in life. You don’t want to have to get your way. You don’t want to make things all about you. You want to be an adult. But there is one case … Continued

You’re Not Home Yet

In his book, Fully Alive, Ken Davis tells a story of a weary missionary couple who returned to the USA. After 50 years on the field and the loss of two children to jungle diseases while serving, they descended the gangplank … Continued

The Difference Between Guilt And Shame

Guilt and shame are terrible. But there is a slight difference in their meanings. A while back, I read a book called Tattoos On The Heart by Gregory Boyle. In his work with gangs in downtown Los Angeles, he learned to … Continued

Impressions Don’t Matter To God


I never thought about it before, but impressions don’t matter to God. There’s nothing we can hide. We are fully known. There’s no point in trying to be someone we are not. God knows who we truly are – and … Continued

Never Forget This…

I don’t know what you may be going through right now, but there’s no doubt you have something you’re dealing with. We want to overcome. We want to stay positive. We want to keep a childlike faith, but it’s not … Continued

Spiritual Fruit Comes From Remaining

Jesus is the vine, we are the branches. Nutrients from the vine don’t just show up once in a while; it’s the constant, ongoing flow of power from the vine to the branch. It’s why the word “remain” is mentioned … Continued

You May Not Even Have Begun What You Will Be Known For


Who was Moses? What was he known for? You’ve probably already answered the question in your mind – he led God’s people out of slavery. But this morning, I ran across a little detail in Exodus 7:7: Moses was eighty years old and … Continued

Student Ministry and Grace

Student Ministry is a balance of offering an invitation for students to grab hold of faith in Jesus and walking with them through life. Students need grace.  And student ministry leaders need grace too.  It’s not always an easy road. … Continued

Seek God In Everyday Decisions

David went to the Lord in prayer even for his little decisions.  Even everyday decisions can be taken to God in prayer. 18 Now the Philistines had come and spread out in the Valley of Rephaim; 19 so David inquired of the Lord, “Shall I … Continued

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