Spiritual Life Nights – Follow Up

The Spiritual Life Weekend was awesome!  Here’s a follow up post to say thanks. Hosting a series of Spiritual Life Nights has been on our radar for quite sometime.  Most all of our Harvest Conferences require some sort of pre-registration … Continued

Halloween At Church?

    I’ve been driving by church signs and banners all week advertising different forms of treats and candy at their church, a large majority of them being on Halloween and most of them being from 6:00 – 8:00, like … Continued

Three Words I Don’t Use As A Worship Leader

There are three words I have stayed away from when describing worship ministry, specifically traveling as a worship leader. It’s not that the words are bad, it’s just that not using them helps me keep the right mindset.  I know … Continued

13 Ways To Improve Ministry Events

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By ministry events, I mean things outside of the normal weekend worship services. For this post, I’m referring to church conferences, seminars, training events, weekend discipleship retreats, outreach events, and any other ministry event settings. Here are 13 ways they … Continued

7 Absolutes Needed for a Church Camp to Grow

Here are seven absolutes needed for a church camp to grow.  I believe this list applies to all kinds of summer church camp structures:  1) year round, paid staff camps; 2) volunteer led church camps on denominational church camp grounds; … Continued

What Are We Accomplishing at Summer Church Camps?

In rooms with moldy couches, 1950’s wallpaper, and mismatched mattresses on metal bed frames kingdom work is beginning in the hearts of the next generation. While spraying OFF, serving in KP, following the daily camp schedule,  seeds are being planted … Continued

11 Steps To Effortlessly Plan and Promote a Ministry Event

If you work with the next generation in local church ministry, you no doubt have an event on the horizon.  Either a one night gathering, a weekend event or a trip.  Here are 11 steps to get it off the … Continued

Church Camps: How to engage on social media

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I mentioned in yesterday’s post that church camps need to utilize social media.  The big key for making social media work is engagement.  Here are 10 engagement ideas for you: 1. Keep dates of camps flowing on social media.  Always … Continued

Camp Directors – Utilize Social Media

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Church Camp Directors – are you utilizing social media?  It’s one of the best free ways to connect with your target group!  And now is a great time to start creating some momentum for the summer season. Get these things … Continued

How Hospitality Should Change The Church

Understanding the meaning of the Greek word Philoxenia will change the meaning of hospitality for your church.  The short definition of this word is “hospitality.”  The more correct translation is “to love strangers.” What if our church hospitality ministry was … Continued

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