Thoughts for People Wanting to Travel as a Worship Leader (or Speaker).

Would you like to be a traveling worship leader? I think that’s great. The church needs people who are willing to serve through music in various front line settings. The church will always need people who can leave their posts … Continued

Why Large Events Will Always Be Part Of The Church

Large crowds were always part of Jesus’ life, his message and the young church. At one point, the crowd was so large, Jesus had to speak from a borrowed boat on the edge of the shore.  One of the most … Continued

Four Things I Give Attention To When Developing A Conference Or Event.

I have had the privilege of developing and participating in countless retreats, conferences, ministry events, camps, and seminars over the last few years.  Though there are lots of little things that need to be in place, here are four things I give … Continued

Church Marketing – You Believed Because of That?

We all know there are times when the marketing of a product is much better than the product itself.  Those times are both disappointing and expected.  But its often reverse for the church – the marketing not only doesn’t clearly describe … Continued

What Makes Monday So Important At Camp?

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The Monday Theory is a reminder to grow with the people you are with. A mature leader instinctively knows that in order to build the kind of experience and relationships that will make for an awesome event, she will need … Continued

Compounding Days in Ministry

I know this isn’t scientific data, but it’s been my experience that the weight of days compound during youth events, camps, and conferences.  If Monday is valued as a day, then Tuesday builds on it and is actually worth a … Continued

Random Ideas for Summer Camp Leaders

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– Keep camp fresh this summer – take a risk and try new things. Sometimes we just need to be told to “be creative”. Figure out some new fresh ways of getting students engaged and excited. – Much like church … Continued

Get Students to Church Camp!

Summer is coming and now is the time to get the students in your congregation to attend summer church camp. Here are 5 reasons why it is so important: 1) Students need time away to hear the voice of God – Schedules are … Continued

$15 to go to camp…

Typically, adult leaders and volunteers register and pay to attend camp with their students.  It’s quite a sacrifice – pay to hang around with kids, work hard, sleep little and go 17 hours a day.  But toward the end of … Continued

Six Pastors At Camp

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When the official pastor / leader of the church is at camp for the week (or even a couple days) a tremendous amount of life is infused.  Summer camp provides a huge foundation for faith formation in the lives of … Continued

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