Good Faith Quotes

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There is a growing sentiment in our culture that if you’re a person of faith, you seen as part of the problem. To many, those who live life from a Christian perspective are seen as either irrelevant or extreme. Because it’s becoming … Continued

Parents: Make Church A Priority

Though I’ve never been one for the “back to school, back to church mentality,” there are some natural seasons to refresh the priority of having your family in worship. September and January are two examples of these seasons. Christian parents/homes … Continued

Three Steps To Stay Above Average

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Most of the time, we don’t even realize what we’re doing is mediocre. We need people to challenge us and sharpen us. I’ve been reading H3 Leadership by Brad Lomenick and in it he talks about the three steps to … Continued

Create Something People Want To Join

If you want or need people to be a part of your ministry, make sure you’re offering something people want to be a part of. The leader is the cultural architect. You can create a great place for people to … Continued

Student Ministry and Grace

Student Ministry is a balance of offering an invitation for students to grab hold of faith in Jesus and walking with them through life. Students need grace.  And student ministry leaders need grace too.  It’s not always an easy road. … Continued

Five Ways Leaders Bring Energy To The Organization

Those around. you will feed off your energy – good or bad! When you show your passion and heart for the work, others will feel a sense of permission to follow suit. Without a level of energy, it’s going to … Continued

Seek God In Everyday Decisions

David went to the Lord in prayer even for his little decisions.  Even everyday decisions can be taken to God in prayer. 18 Now the Philistines had come and spread out in the Valley of Rephaim; 19 so David inquired of the Lord, “Shall I … Continued

Seven Fun Worship Team Christmas Ideas

Here are some fun ideas for celebrating the season with your worship team: Solos Pick a good song and a good Sunday to highlight the musical skills of your team members by doing “solos.” Christmas is also a good time … Continued

The First Step For Self Discipline In Teenagers


Self Discipline is the key to happiness. – Snooze, The Lost Art Of Sleep I’m not sure I agree it is the only key to happiness, but it’s a great thought. It also may be counter-intuitive to us, especially those in … Continued

Four Rules For Giving Recognition

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It’s important for leaders to give recognition to those who are making a difference.  This is especially true for ministry leaders who are leading a volunteer organization. One big part of your role is to remind people they are making … Continued

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