Regrets Of The Dying

I remember once talking to my grandma about how quickly time passes by. It seemed like when I was a kid, every day felt long. As I got older, weeks felt like days – it was passing by quickly. Soon … Continued

Two Ways To Stretch Your Team: High Standards + Assurance

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It takes some inward “umph” for a person to truly pursue something. Students, children or even employees can probably be moved toward accomplishing something based on a request from someone in authority or the reward being offered (paycheck, graduation, lack … Continued

Where have you failed lately?

I recently read a story of a woman who recalled dinner times when she was younger. Regularly, her dad would ask the kids, “Where have you failed this week?” The question prompted some conversation but more importantly set a tone … Continued

Essential Rules To Help Kids Grow Into Mannerly Adults

Kids need high expectations! And the structure we provide for them to excel is important. I just finished reading a book by Ron Clark called the Essential 55. This book, mostly geared toward classroom rules, manners and management, would be … Continued

Seven Ways To Help Engage Parents In Your Student Ministry

Trust and partnership are crucial ingredients as we seek to minister to students and their families. Here are seven ideas for helping to make sure you’re on the same page with parents – whether they are actively involved in the … Continued

What Vision Is Not

What is your vision for ministry? I recently heard what vision is not. Vision Is Not A Goal Goals are narrow and statistical. Vision is broad and warm in comparison. Vision Is Not A Dream Dreams are broad and inspirational. … Continued

Quotes From New Room Conference

Here are some of the notes and quotes I took during the New Room 2018 Conference. I highly recommend ministry leaders attend this conference next September 25-27, 2019 in Franklin, TN. (Visit the New Room Website for more information)   … Continued

Health Of Your Church Is Tied To The Health Of Your Groups

The health of your church is directly tied to the health of the groups that make up the church. For example, if the church leadership board is growing in community, earnestly praying during each meeting and moving forward together with … Continued

The Power Of Moments In Worship


When we experience something new, our brains are working hard to process all the new data and information. When we know what to expect and we’ve already experienced it, our minds don’t have to work as hard because we can … Continued

Getting Students Away Creates Powerful Moments

I’ve known for a long time the importance of getting students away for a retreat, camp or conference. As I listen to testimonies of mature Christian adults, their stories almost always include a place different from their home church (or … Continued

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