Be An Inspiration

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People who inspire us typically aren’t setting out to do so. They are just faithfully living out their lives. Here are some of the things they incorporate – all which can be acted upon and started in your life! Follow … Continued

Three Simple Things Going Into A New Year Of Student Ministry

There are three big seasons for student ministry – 1) Fall, 2) January, and 3) Summer. It’s sort of follows a semester mindset, but you can hit restart at any of these times. It’s a good time to get things … Continued

One Mark Of An Alive Church

A few of us cleaned and reorganized the backstage area of one of the worship spaces in our building this weekend. We just finished a big season and it was a mess. In addition to the usual worship band components … Continued

Top Twelve Books

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Over the last five years, I’ve had a goal of reading five books a month. At the end of each year, I post twenty of them. Here’s a selection of the top twelve from those lists: 1) The Power Of … Continued

Why Enthusiasm Is Important For Church Leaders

Enthusiasm is both a gift and a choice. Everyone is enthusiastic about something. It’s important for people to experience enthusiastic church leaders –  enthusiastic about Jesus, people, the church and ministry. Enthusiasm could be defined as a displayed feeling of … Continued

Keep It Simple For Your Volunteers

One thing paid ministry staff can do in the new year is to keep things simple for your volunteer teams. Ministry can easily become too complex. We lose the “why” behind our serving. Take this month to get a fresh … Continued

Develop Your Volunteer Team For A New Year

The new calendar year is a great opportunity to energize your student ministry volunteer leaders! Right now is a great time to schedule a meeting early next month and invite your current volunteers as well as any new people you … Continued

Ask Three Simple Questions To Align Your Priorities

John Maxwell has three great questions to help align priorities each day. These three questions help us sift the great from the mediocre and helps nail down exactly what we need to do right now.  Priorities begin to surface in … Continued

5 Christmas Promises

YOU ARE LOVED For God so loved the world – including you – he sent his only son, Jesus! Through him, for everyone who believes, our sins are forgiven and we have life everlasting! She will give birth to a … Continued

Books I’ve Read This Year (2019)

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Reading good books spurs on thinking. It gives me ideas to share. It’s a fun way to spend downtime. Here are my annual lists from the last few years, and below this small list of quotes are the books I’ve … Continued

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