Keys To A Positive Personality

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Your personality is a combination of distinct characteristics and qualities. There’s no one in the world like you. Your background, experience, family, and interests make you truly unique. We’re always being transformed and changed. That’s one key component to being … Continued

No Such Thing As Over-Communication In Student Ministry

Though there are many moving parts to a student ministry, the goal is pretty simple – walk with students and their families as they grow and become faithful followers of Jesus. The programming, events, meetings and gatherings should all work … Continued

The Freedom Of Living Within Your Means

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Life is about seasons. Finances seem to be no different. Sometimes things roll along just fine; other times are a struggle. I’ve been in both worlds and I’m grateful that God has given our family a happy, healthy outlook on … Continued

Remember How To Greet People!

For most of us, it’s been a while since we’ve greeted others in social settings. We’re going on four months of being cooped up at home during the Shelter-In-Place or slowly going out to a different world, required to stay … Continued

Repetition Is Key

Why do people attend conferences each year? Why do executives meet on conference calls with their teams multiple mornings a week? Why do teachers review the material before a test? Because repetition is key to remembering, internalizing, and staying motivated. … Continued

Cutting Back To Move Forward

“Busyness blurs ministry vision.” Craig Groeschel The natural instinct of a ministry leader is to add more. More ministries, more information, more outlets, more processes. But always adding more doesn’t help a plant grow. To be healthy, a plant must … Continued

Don’t Get Out Of The Habit

It doesn’t take long to change a routine. Do something every day for a couple months and suddenly it seems you’ve done it forever! We’ve passed the three-month mark of the 2020 global pandemic. In our home state, we’re moving … Continued

Clutter Congests! Clear It.

Clutter will congest the opportunity to fully enjoy life. As someone who naturally keeps too much stuff, I’m speaking from experience. During a couple decades of marriage, I’ve watched my wife naturally keep things simple, leaving me with a small … Continued

5 Concrete Ways Church Staff Stay Fresh in Ministry

Next week, our church office is beginning to slowly open back up. As I post this, we’ve been living through the 2020 global pandemic that seemed to shut the world down. If you’re serving in a church ministry, you either … Continued

Father’s Day

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Here’s a call and reminder for Father’s this weekend: Run To Jesus I recently caught a bit of a sermon online about the official who traveled to Jesus to see if he could heal his son (John 4). His young … Continued