The First Step For Self Discipline In Teenagers


Self Discipline is the key to happiness. – Snooze, The Lost Art Of Sleep I’m not sure I agree it is the only key to happiness, but it’s a great thought. It also may be counter-intuitive to us, especially those in … Continued

Four Rules For Giving Recognition

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It’s important for leaders to give recognition to those who are making a difference.  This is especially true for ministry leaders who are leading a volunteer organization. One big part of your role is to remind people they are making … Continued

Great Questions To Ask “Experts”

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We can learn a ton about living life from the older people around us. Their one distinct advantage?  They have actually already lived through i! The various season of life, aging, parenting, fulfillment, contentment, friendships and marriages – we can’t … Continued

Four Ways To Teach Your Kids To Be Content

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Parents play a big role in helping their kids learn contentment. We live in a marketing-saturated nation and much of it is aimed at kids. The desire for the next thing is quietly planted in their hearts and minds they … Continued

Five Simple Rehearsal Ground Rules

Here are five basic rehearsal ground rules for rehearsals. Be on time. This common courtesy is important. When you’re punctual, it helps the rest of the group feel like they are important. It also helps rehearsal go smoothly from the … Continued

You Need Circles, Not Just Rows

Where is the circle time in your student ministry? Students need opportunities for spiritual development, mission and community. Though some of this can happen sitting in rows, listening to leaders, much of this action happens in circles. We must give … Continued

Go. For. It.


I recently ran across a great story in Calvin Nowell’s book Start Somewhere. He told of a New Year’s Eve worship service where the pastor said he had three words from God for each person there. After building some suspense … Continued


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I called a friend and asked what he was doing. He replied that he was working on “aqua-thermal treatment of ceramics, aluminum, and steel under a constrained environment.” I was impressed… Upon further inquiring, I learned that he was washing … Continued

Six Ways To Overcome Fear

If you’re alive – you have some fear. Fear isn’t something you try to tackle once and for all – it’s part of living. Some fear helps us – it’s why we don’t stand too close to the edge of … Continued

Nine Ministry Team Energy Suckers

If we’re not careful, energy can be easily drained from our ministry team. Every church staff member is a team leader to one degree or another. You must take note of those areas that are draining the energy from the leaders … Continued

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