Three Consequences Of No Clear Organizational Vision

Without vision, people perish. The writer of Proverbs 29:18 had it exactly right. Here are three consequences of not having a clear and concise vision for your ministry: Discouragement When you’re working hard and things don’t seem to be going … Continued

Eight Components To A Great Youth Retreat

Generally speaking, student ministry retreats come in two varieties. One is a retreat in which the student ministry from a single church (or maybe two or three local groups) travels away from their home area for time apart, learning, growth … Continued

New Room Notes 2019

These are the notes and thoughts from the 2019 New Room Conference in Nashville, TN. Glad I got to be a part of it and though the speakers were really solid, there was definitely a sense during the whole event … Continued

Vision: Simplify & Repeat

If you’re leading a group of people, you can attest to the fact that vision must be stated over and over. It’s been said that “vision leaks,” and “doesn’t stick.” For an organization to flourish, the vision must be attainable … Continued

Four Reasons for Small Groups

Over the years, I have been in many different small groups.  During one season of high school, I was in a group of all freshman guys, led by one of the high school seniors.  We named ourselves the Mountain Men, … Continued

The Small Church’s Gift To Young Leaders

In a small church, opportunities are presented for children and students that aren’t always available to kids in larger churches. It’s not that larger churches don’t develop leaders, it’s just that they have to become much more intentional, with limited opportunities, in raising up … Continued

Overcome Fatigue (Five Practical Ideas)

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Fatigue is more than just needing to get to bed – it’s living life with worry like a constant drone, one long note, without coming up for air. It wears a person down mentally, physically and spiritually. But there are … Continued

Notes And Quotes From The DYM Student Ministry Volunteer National Training Day

Had a great morning at the National Day of Volunteer Youth Ministry Training in Edwardsville, IL! I heard there were something like 20,000 youth workers gathered at 300 different sites around North America. Thankful for the people who participated, for … Continued

Three Lessons From Hosea

Hosea, is a story of a prophet who was called upon to model God’s faithful love to an unfaithful people. It’s a book of sadness and gloom and doom on behalf of God’s people. But there’s also a message of … Continued

How To Help Students Engage In Small Groups

Student ministry small groups come in all shapes and sizes. Some groups meet for a semester. Some meet by grade. Other student ministry groups function as one big small group. Some are student-led, others are led by adult volunteers. Some … Continued

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