Two Words That Sum Up Living Victoriously

In his book, The Secret Of Happiness, Billy Graham shares a story of someone asking about a victorious life. Though there isn’t a formula, two words could describe it: surrender and devotion. Surrender and Devotion Nothing can replace daily devotions … Continued

Are You Acknowledging Your People Or Just Recognizing Them?

In her book, Grateful Leadership, Judith Umlas contends that next to survival, acknowledgment is the greatest human need. Leaders live with broad vision in general. But on a daily basis, this must translate to acknowledging those who are part of … Continued

A Break From The Crowds To Work On Our Faith

Did you realize the walking on the water miracle happened between being with the large crowds? In Matthew 14:22, they had just fed 5000 – an incredible gathering and miracle. After the meal, Jesus strategically sent his disciples off while … Continued

Contagious Behaviors

It’s been said that you are the sum of the five people closest to you. It’s the reason we so desperately want our kids to choose their friends wisely. We’ve all seen the dramatic effects of teenagers getting in with … Continued


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A one-dollar bill met a hundred-dollar bill and said, “Hey, where have you been? I haven’t seen you around.” The hundred-dollar bill answered, “I’ve been hanging out at fancy restaurants and ball games; made the rounds on a cruise ship; … Continued

Celebrate The Ordinary

“God loves the ordinary. The world tries to seduce us with the extraordinary. The culture fills our minds with dreams of home runs, but life is about getting up every day and hitting a single.” Matthew Kelley In his book, … Continued

New Goals, New Attitude

Goals have a way of helping us create a positive attitude in life. They renew our sense of doing something big and challenge us – even if we don’t set the goals ourselves. The Bible speaks to the idea of … Continued

A Daughter Needs A Dad

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It’s fun raising two daughters. I’m learning more and more but will never learn it all! Sometimes they try and team up against me, which is hilarious. And most of the time they say the cutest and sweetest things. While … Continued

Three Clarifying Questions For Communication

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I’ve been reading a book called Rethink Communication by Phil Bowdle. It’s a timely book to read in the light of the instant pressure put on the church to connect and communicate without meeting in person. Any time we plan … Continued

A Season Of Vision Re-Focus

The COVID shutdown has given ministries, pastors, and churches the opportunity to step back and refocus on vision.  Normally, it’s not easy to find a block of time like this for retooling and assessing. I have been re-reading IT: How … Continued

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