Speaking Bible

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We were recently with a sr. high student ministry for a weekend event.  They told a story about a time when one of the students in their group stumbled over some words as he read scripture aloud.  He got flustered … Continued

Remote Digging

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We were excited to use the Gateway Grizzlies tickets Ruby earned though the library summer reading program. At the end of the baseball game, all men who were interested, were invited to take a chance and dig for the remote … Continued

And Singing Broke Out …

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Joan has been going to lead music for a nursing home in Aliceville, AL every morning for twelve years. We had the opportunity to travel with this lady to provide music last week.       On this particular morning, after … Continued

Square Dancin’

The last time I was at a square dance was sixth grade until last night.  The camp we were at had one and everyone participated.  It started with simple group circle dances and then began to get more complicated.  Ruby … Continued

The Waving Cat

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I am not sure the official name of this little thing, but it’s something I purchased while we were in Taiwan.  It’s a very common site to see a “waving cat” in businesses, entrances to stores, etc.  It was definately … Continued

$15 to go to camp…

Typically, adult leaders and volunteers register and pay to attend camp with their students.  It’s quite a sacrifice – pay to hang around with kids, work hard, sleep little and go 17 hours a day.  But toward the end of … Continued

Six Pastors At Camp

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When the official pastor / leader of the church is at camp for the week (or even a couple days) a tremendous amount of life is infused.  Summer camp provides a huge foundation for faith formation in the lives of … Continued

Bread on the Cross

We led worship for a weekend family camp that concluded in communion during the last service.  Each person was invited to come as the pastors placed the bread into their hands. The Harvest projector and computer were set up displaying … Continued

Feeling Blessed, Feeling Burdened.

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We had the privilege of leading the chapel service for the youth of the Chaddock Children’s Home in Quincy, IL last night.  This premiere institution is known nationally for it’s specific programs and treatments for troubled kids.  As we listened … Continued


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The summer has begun.  And once again, it’s been a privilege for the Harvest 2010 Summer Team to prepare at Troy UMC in Troy, IL.  We spent the week working on music, dramas, and other aspects of leadership at the church.  … Continued

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