Relaxing Ride…


I was pulling my youngest daughter in the wagon the other morning when I turned around to see her like this picture – totally relaxed and ready to be taken anywhere.  She didn’t even budge when I took her picture … Continued

From Bonnie

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After five days of training with Kim, James, Tyler, and Max, we played Bounce (a basketball game) like old friends, cheering one another on and laughing at the tiniest jokes. Now the Harvest Summer 2011 team has been leading music … Continued

36 hours…

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We have just kicked off the second half of the summer by converging in Bloomington, IL on Saturday.  James came up from Metropolis, connected with Kim and Tyler in Troy and picked up Bonnie in Farmersville on the way to … Continued

A Great Weekend

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This past weekend with Harvest was really fun.  We finished Epworth Jr. Camp on Friday afternoon.  It was a tremendous week of ministry with kids, high school counselors (CITs) and adults.  We loved being a part of it.  On Friday … Continued

So Far, So Good.

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So far, so good! The Harvest 2011 Summer Ministry Team is off to a great start. We’ve been rehearsing music and developing other ministry components.  Each person on this year’s team is gifted in different ways and it’s a reminder … Continued

Top Ten List for Preserving the Status Quo in Worship

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I recently found this Top Ten List for preserving the Status Quo in Worship.  I just cut and paste it for you to read too!  (Page 70, In Search of Wonder, Howard Publishing Company 1995) 10. There is nothing we can … Continued

Develop a Culture of Comfortable Criticism

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I just saw a list of eleven characteristics of effective teams (MacGregor, Kaztenbach and Smith) and it spurred my thinking about worship teams and church staff teams. One characteristic struck me as an immediate way to help build a culture … Continued

TV Free?

We just packed our TV away in the closet for the summer season.  I assume we are in the minority, as far as TV’s go, though I have been recently hearing more and more people taking this approach.  We have … Continued

Random Ideas for Summer Camp Leaders

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– Keep camp fresh this summer – take a risk and try new things. Sometimes we just need to be told to “be creative”. Figure out some new fresh ways of getting students engaged and excited. – Much like church … Continued

Get Students to Church Camp!

Summer is coming and now is the time to get the students in your congregation to attend summer church camp. Here are 5 reasons why it is so important: 1) Students need time away to hear the voice of God – Schedules are … Continued