Family Values – Acrostic Style


A few years back, a friend of mine mentioned something about making up an acrostic for the last name of his family – to teach his children values.  I heard that, tucked it away and recently decided to give it … Continued

Nine Characterstics of Love…

Here are nine characteristics of love!  Apply these characteristics and they can make your home happy.  They can make marriages more fun.  They can cheer up your church.  They can help your kid’s lives turn out better.  They can create … Continued

Biscuits and Gravy

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I have traveled by it many times, but it had been a while and I was telling my daughter the story of just one of billions of little memories I have.  The Wagon Wheel, located in Carrollton, IL, was the … Continued

Learning from Eagles

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We live 18 miles from the Mississippi River, the largest river in North America and the third largest in the world (just behind the Nile and the Amazon!).  One of hallmarks of this region during the winter months is the … Continued

Motivation of Volunteers

Most of what is accomplished in my work is through an army of volunteers, all for whom I am grateful!  Motivation is a key piece to the effective work of any team, especially a volunteer team.  I was intrigued by … Continued

Nurturing Your Ministry Team

A quote that has always stuck with me is that “a great leader is like a turtle on a fence post  – – there’s no way that turtle got up there by himself”.  We all have people on our teams … Continued

Thoughts about being a guest worship leader

I was recently invited to be the guest worship leader for a church worship service.  Many times, I have served as a worship leader for an event or worship service, but the unique thing about this was that I just … Continued

Core Values for your Worship Team

The core values of our worship ministry team: 1) WE WORSHIP – first and foremost, we must be a team of people who love God with all our hearts and seek to give him thanks, praise and glory and we … Continued

Six Reminders for Ministry Leaders

Recently through conversations and messages, concerts and reflection, I have been reminded of six random thoughts for ministry leaders. Love Your People Don’t miss out on the joy of loving the people with whom you are in ministry. Jesus tells … Continued

Getting in the way of worship

I went to Dollar General last night to pick some last minute things for a meeting. Because of a semi truck parked diagonally, I had to squeeze into the parking lot with little room. Because of the truck, the only spaces available were across … Continued

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