What is your contentment level?  A group of us have been meeting after worship on Sundays at our church and yesterday was a great lesson. Somewhere in the conversation, Paula Polfliet (one of the leaders), mentioned that we need to … Continued

kids on the church parking lot

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Harvest had a great weekend in Washington, IN (Tim Price, Bonnie Pocklington, Zak Stoldt, Daniel Styles and Kim Przybylski) and then a great time at St. Lukes UMC in St. Louis, MO.  As we pulled in the church parking lot … Continued

Kingdom Connections

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There are old friends, then there are brothers and sisters.  Brothers and sisters are family.  When coming back together there is instant connection because of shared heritage and memory.    In the last month, I have had a chance to reconnect … Continued

Home Blessing


I found a little slip of paper as I was cleaning my desk.  It was a note I made from someplace and I didn’t even write down from where.  It’s called the “Home Blessing”.   Too good to just stick … Continued

A full weekend

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Tuesday morning in the office and I want to report on an incredible weekend of ministry!   Saturday was the Element Worship Conference hosted in Troy, IL.  What an incredible day of ministry with people from all over the region.  … Continued

Edwardsville & DuQuoin

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Last weekend, we led music during the St. John’s Family Fun Fair.  The church did an amazing job of getting the community excited through games, music, food all on their grounds.  The weather was perfect and the event went smoothly.  … Continued

Moline / St. Elmo

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It’s been a week now since Harvest led worship on August 30 in two different places.  On Saturday night, we made the drive to Moline, IL.  Tim, Ryan Kennett and Josh Robinson met in Troy, IL.  It was fun connecting … Continued

Words from Ryan Kennett

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It was a cold rainy morning in the summer of 1996.  The baseball team I was a part of traveled nearly 5 hours to Moline, IL only to get pummeled in a weekend double header.  What a drag.  As I’ve … Continued

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 On Friday night, Josh Eastin and I went to lead music for the Kaskaskia River District Picnic for the pastors.  It was a really neat evening hosted at Epworth Camp.  The food was delicious and the music turned out good.  … Continued

Freezing Cold…

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On a visit to beautiful Lake Michigan, we walked out onto the pier. We took a few pictures, talked about how big the lake was and just stood around. Our group, along with Mark, the bass player at CrossWind Chuch, … Continued

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