Character Is Personal, But Not Private

Ministry leaders – both young and old – need to keep guard on their character. We must build the kind of parameters to give us high standards and help us live above reproach. Pastors, student ministry pastors and worship leaders … Continued

Low Tech High Touch

Recently at a family gathering, I reflected on the different ways people related to each other. For some of us, I noticed we would make small talk for a minute, then move quickly to sharing info on our phones, showing … Continued

Four Principles Of Networking For Pastors  

Networking is one key for pastors who are seeking to grow their church. In some notes I took from a Bill Easum seminar, several years back now, he stressed the importance of the pastor  being freed up and visible in the … Continued

Seven Thoughts About Generating Revenue For Non-Profit Ministry

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One of the difficult things about non-profit ministry leadership is the fact that we are in two separate businesses. In for-profit, marketplace sector businesses, their product or service is also their revenue stream. In most non-profit related ministries, the service … Continued

Teens Rebel Against Lack of Relationship

                            Teenagers don’t rebel against authority.  They rebel against a lack of relationship. – Greg C. Gunn  I once heard that one of the primary reasons Wal-Mart … Continued

Don’t Stop Developing Your Worship Ministry

Don’t stop developing your worship ministry. There should always be something taking shape and moving forward. The leader is responsible for building a culture of developing. Ministry development most often moves pretty slowly, with a few spurts. Anytime you get … Continued

6 Practical Ideas To Pray For Your Students By Name


  Praying for students by name is powerful. I remember when I was a student at  Asbury Seminary, the school president, Maxie Dunnam, committed to praying for each student by name. I would get a note in the mail telling … Continued

Seven Ideas For Overcoming The Summer Slump

Pastors and church leaders often talk about the “summer slump.” The truth is, summer does bring about a different flow. School is out. The weather is nice. Days are longer. Pools, lakes, sports and vacations become a regular part of people’s … Continued

Beginning (A Poem)

BEGINNING   Beginning is fresh, it gives new life. We take a step, not sure if it’s right. But with risk in mind, we jump on board. It’s just the beginning… Who knows what’s in store.   Beginning so often, … Continued

Five Tips For Leading Worship At Camp

It’s getting to be that season again. Christian summer camp directors all over the country are seeking folks to come and lead worship for a week here and there. I believe it’s good for every worship leader to use their … Continued

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