Declarations for Children’s Ministry Leaders

Of all of the teams serving on Sunday morning in the church, the children’s ministry volunteers could easily be a contender for the one making the most tangible impact. As Dwight Moody was famous for saying, “If I had to … Continued

Students Will Always Respond To Love


What are students drawn to? I’ve have been in student ministries where some students were drawn to the hype and the size. Large groups of students will draw in some folks just out of curiosity and the sense of being … Continued

The Difference Between a Goal and a Vision

“A goal is a specific event that once achieved, becomes a piece of history to be superseded by a new goal. A vision or view of the future is an ongoing, evolving, hopeful look into the future that stirs the … Continued

Three Stages Of Marriage

Marriage is interesting. I’m fortunate enough to have seen many solid witnesses of faithful marriages my whole life – beginning with my parents, grandparents, and all the way down to aunts and uncles and our church family. I attended a couple … Continued

23 Questions Worship Leaders Need To Ask

Worship leaders, like all leaders, need to be good question ask-ers and listeners. Sometimes the whirlwind of working with other team members, hammering out chord charts (and other details) and working with the pastor to help provide the best engaging … Continued

The Purpose Of Goals

Do you have goals in your ministry? These simple little things, written down and clarified, will help you move forward with your work. Church ministry is often tough because it’s difficult to know when a person is finished. When you … Continued

How To Get More Kids To Come To Kid’s Ministry On Sundays

Most local churches want to see kids on Sunday mornings. Some churches may be in the phase of the life cycle or in a location that may make this seem impossible. Other churches are busting at the seams with kids … Continued

Different Ways Of Getting Your To-Do List Done

After several years of trying to be more intentional with to-do lists and productivity methods, I’ve come to realize that it seems like something works well for a while then the effectiveness seems to wear off. At which point, I’m … Continued

Pray For Your Students By Name (Six Ideas To Help)

Give it a try for the next month. Maybe pray for your students specifically leading up to Easter or for the weeks leading up to the end of school. Maybe you can pray for those students who will be attending … Continued

Four Areas That Require Excellence In The Church

I reread a bit of a book entitled Start This Stop That – Do The Things That Grow Your Church by Jim and Jennifer Cowart. Excellence often requires focusing your energy on the most important things. The authors contend that … Continued

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