A Mission Trip Each Year?

I have been on several mission trips in my life. One time, in particular, I remember being with a group of seminary students on a trip out of the country. During that amazing experience, many in our group talked seriously … Continued

Sing Confidently For Maximum Engagement

It may not be fair, but it’s true: vocal leaders are the ones who lead the way for engagement in worship. When the vocalists are engaging, it helps break down barriers and becomes an invitation for the congregation to sing. … Continued

Our Weekly Worship Rehearsal Routine

I’ve been leading worship at our church, officially, since 2003. Though it seems to flux here and there depending on the season, here’s what we currently have working for our worship teams at church: Wednesday Evenings The tech team arrives about … Continued

Intangible Gifts Touch The Child’s Heart

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It’s common to give a gift to a child upon returning from a trip. I was recently out of the country for a week and came home with several little things to give to my wife and daughters. Around the … Continued

Questions To Ask When Evaluating Worship Services

One job of the leadership team is to evaluate. Evaluation is a key element to improvement, new ideas, overcoming issues and ministry growth. For worship leaders, evaluation is crucial because there are so many components, many of which you may … Continued

The Only Way To Build Relationships With Students As Your Ministry Grows

As a student ministry leader, it’s not likely you’ll be able to get to know every single student in the group. In fact, even if the group is small enough and you do have lots of extra time, there will … Continued

Eight Ways To Turn Your Children Into Champions

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I recently read Principle-Centered Leadership by Stephen Covey. One chapter resonated with me: to make champions of your children. There were a few ideas from his list that I believe every parent can do with their kids to help build … Continued

Five Events We Held During The Pastoral Transition

In our denomination, if there is going to be a pastoral transition, it most often happens July 1 and it happens simultaneously around the conference. It’s been a year since our church welcomed a new pastor. It was unusual, but … Continued

They Ran Out Of Food… Again

About this time another large crowd had gathered, and the people ran out of food again. (Mark 8:1, Italics added) Do you ever feel like you’re in the same exact rut you were in last year at this time? Maybe … Continued

Act On It

I just noticed the other day that there is still a little bit of weather stripping coming off of the top of my car door, a 2002 Ford. It’s still dangling ever so slightly. Sometimes, just to make my daughter smile, … Continued

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