The Power Of “Daily” Part 2

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I recently talked about the power of doing something “daily” in our lives. When we take little daily steps, we are transformed. The five things daily things I mentioned were 1) prayer 2) Bible reading 3) dying to yourself 4) … Continued

The Power of “Daily”

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There is a lot of power in “daily.” I saw a quote scroll by somewhere on social media that read: “Small Daily Improvements Bring Staggering Results.” Sometimes we overestimate what we can do in a week and underestimate what we … Continued

I’m Going To Be Praying…

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It’s been an awesome summer of ministry. Last week, we were at Beulah Holiness Camp and one of the messages was on the power and importance of prayer. I know this is a common lesson and message, but on this … Continued

Importance of Coaching

Coaching gives us an outside perspective on our work and leadership. It’s through questions and conversations that many discover how to get things moving forward in their ministry, personal goals or leadership. I have been the recipient of great coaching … Continued

A Sure Call and Hard Work

The soul task of the church is to invite people to meet Jesus and equip those people to invite others. This requires two things from both pastors and congregations: a sure call hard work A sure calling… Do you believe … Continued

How To Share A Vision For Your Ministry

I spent a week at Hanging Rock Camp in West Lebanon, IN. Awesome facilities and excellent hospitality. During the week, the executive director took the Harvest Team on a tour. It’s a beautiful 200 acre camp with the main campground, … Continued

Seven Ways Effective Pastors Motivate

Motivation is central to the work of the church. Christians are motivated out of love (1 Cor 16:14), out of thankfulness (Eph. 5:20), out of calling (Matthew 28:19) and from future promises (Heb. 11:24-26). We’re thankful for God’s rich mercy … Continued

Why Enthusiasm Is Important For Church Leaders

Enthusiasm is both a gift and a choice. Everyone is enthusiastic about something. It’s important for people to experience enthusiastic church leaders –  enthusiastic about Jesus, people, the church and ministry. Enthusiasm could be defined as a displayed feeling of … Continued

Six Great Lessons For Pastors

Sometime back I read a great book by a pastor named David Cripps. He served as pastor in Georgia from the 1930’s – 1980’s and has tons of wisdom, some of which I gleaned and posted on a blog called … Continued

A Solid Worship-Plus Experience (Helping Unchurched Connect)

There are more people who consider themselves “Christian” than there are attending regular weekly worship. The church has so much to offer – answers to spiritual questions, community and connection, life direction and motivation, and above all, Jesus. It seems … Continued

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