The Art of Remembering Names

“People love to hear their names.”  My dad, who is famous for remembering names, mentioned this the other day. It reminded me of the importance of remembering people’s names.  When you are in any kind of people business – including … Continued

Seven Things Volunteers Need From Their Leaders

Most paid ministry staff roles in the church require work and leadership with volunteers. It’s not always easy, but the reward of equipping the church for ministry is incredible! With effective volunteer ministry, more gets accomplished and it’s more fun. … Continued

Followers Are Attracted To These Four Leadership Attributes

“People follow a leader, not a title.” I’ve heard this many times over the years. It’s a great concept for church staff to understand.  For you, your title should be a reminder of service. For others, it may carry a … Continued

How To Create A Personal Mission Statement

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Personal Mission Statements may seem a little strange. We know of church mission statements and company mission statements, but we don’t typically think of them for an individual. However, personal mission statements are an opportunity to remind ourselves how we … Continued

Keys To A Positive Personality

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Your personality is a combination of distinct characteristics and qualities. There’s no one in the world like you. Your background, experience, family, and interests make you truly unique. We’re always being transformed and changed. That’s one key component to being … Continued

No Such Thing As Over-Communication In Student Ministry

Though there are many moving parts to a student ministry, the goal is pretty simple – walk with students and their families as they grow and become faithful followers of Jesus. The programming, events, meetings and gatherings should all work … Continued

The Freedom Of Living Within Your Means

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Life is about seasons. Finances seem to be no different. Sometimes things roll along just fine; other times are a struggle. I’ve been in both worlds and I’m grateful that God has given our family a happy, healthy outlook on … Continued

Remember How To Greet People!

For most of us, it’s been a while since we’ve greeted others in social settings. We’re going on four months of being cooped up at home during the Shelter-In-Place or slowly going out to a different world, required to stay … Continued

Repetition Is Key

Why do people attend conferences each year? Why do executives meet on conference calls with their teams multiple mornings a week? Why do teachers review the material before a test? Because repetition is key to remembering, internalizing, and staying motivated. … Continued

Cutting Back To Move Forward

“Busyness blurs ministry vision.” Craig Groeschel The natural instinct of a ministry leader is to add more. More ministries, more information, more outlets, more processes. But always adding more doesn’t help a plant grow. To be healthy, a plant must … Continued

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