Leaders Focus On The Future

“The truth is that focusing on the future sets leaders apart.” Kouzes & Posner Leaders are custodians of the future. They think about what is next. They spend time wondering how the world will look after today or after this … Continued

The Purpose For Structure In The Church

The purpose of any denominational structure is to support the local church. The purpose of the hierarchy is there to help make sure the local church can thrive and continue in mission. I just read More Than a Hobby: How … Continued

Four Things Gentleness Does

I lived with my grandma during a college internship. She let me borrow her car when mine was in the shop. I returned home that evening and thought I would scare her a bit. I joked, “Your car really shakes … Continued

One Needless Reason We Stress Out

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Stress is a natural part of life. Without stress, we wouldn’t respond to legitimate fears correctly. Stress helps us work efficiently, boosts brain power, stimulates creativity, and keep us engaged in living life well. But we also know how too … Continued

How Time Impacts Our Decisions

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I’ve heard casinos don’t have clocks. The industry works hard to get you to think only about the present and nothing about consequences for the future. It makes sense for the casino who wants you to lose money as long … Continued

Here’s One Good Reason To Keep Singing

Worship songs build community, teach theology, help people remember scripture, and give praise the Lord. And the Vagus nerve is another good reason to sing. The Vagus nerve is a unique part of our creation. It’s the longest nerve in … Continued

The Art of Remembering Names

“People love to hear their names.”  My dad, who is famous for remembering names, mentioned this the other day. It reminded me of the importance of remembering people’s names.  When you are in any kind of people business – including … Continued

Seven Things Volunteers Need From Their Leaders

Most paid ministry staff roles in the church require work and leadership with volunteers. It’s not always easy, but the reward of equipping the church for ministry is incredible! With effective volunteer ministry, more gets accomplished and it’s more fun. … Continued

Followers Are Attracted To These Four Leadership Attributes

“People follow a leader, not a title.” I’ve heard this many times over the years. It’s a great concept for church staff to understand.  For you, your title should be a reminder of service. For others, it may carry a … Continued

How To Create A Personal Mission Statement

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Personal Mission Statements may seem a little strange. We know of church mission statements and company mission statements, but we don’t typically think of them for an individual. However, personal mission statements are an opportunity to remind ourselves how we … Continued