Able and Available – A Powerful Combination

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One great tragedy in the church is that too many leaders are trying to imitate “the greats” instead of ministering the way God wants them to minister. You are unique in who you are and what you can do. God … Continued

Five Leadership Tests

I recently listened to Bill Hybels sermon on Luke 5 called Five Leadership Tests. This blog post consist of the notes I took from this message (Bill Hybels, Willow Creek Podcast, 9/10/17) Luke chapter five is the calling of the first … Continued

Persistent Prayer is Powerful

Jesus went to pray in the Garden of Gethsemane. Three different times he prayed basically the same prayer. It struck me that if Jesus, who was in perfect communion with God – one in the same – prayed the same … Continued

Leaders Focus On The Future

“The truth is that focusing on the future sets leaders apart.” Kouzes & Posner   Leaders are custodians of the future. They think about what is next. They spend time wondering how the world will look after today or after … Continued

How To Create A Personal Mission Statement

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Personal Mission Statements may seem a little strange. We know of church mission statements and company mission statements, but we don’t typically think of them for an individual. However, personal mission statements are an opportunity to remind ourselves how we … Continued

A Two Hour Sunday Morning

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We have a pretty detailed Sunday morning schedule in our family.  Here’s a bit of backstory. Several years ago, we had Sunday School at 9:00 and worship at 10:30.  Then, before it was really a thing, mainly because of space, … Continued

Personal Mission Statement

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A personal mission statement should be approximately 50 words or less and should motivate you after reading it each morning. It. should atake some time to craft. After letting it settle in a few days, it can be tweaked. Since … Continued

The Power Of “Daily” Part 2

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I recently talked about the power of doing something “daily” in our lives. When we take little daily steps, we are transformed. The five things daily things I mentioned were 1) prayer 2) Bible reading 3) dying to yourself 4) … Continued

The Power of “Daily”

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There is a lot of power in “daily.” I saw a quote scroll by somewhere on social media that read: “Small Daily Improvements Bring Staggering Results.” Sometimes we overestimate what we can do in a week and underestimate what we … Continued

I’m Going To Be Praying…

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It’s been an awesome summer of ministry. Last week, we were at Beulah Holiness Camp and one of the messages was on the power and importance of prayer. I know this is a common lesson and message, but on this … Continued

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