Equip Your Student Ministry Team Leaders This Year

A new season is a great opportunity to pull your leadership team together for equipping, connection and training. I have often found that putting a date on the calendar for mid January is a perfect time for an extended meeting … Continued

One Key For A Joyful Home: Warm Farewells and Greetings

Greetings and farewells are important. It may seem easy and natural when you’re hosting a party or have company. Warm greetings may also come easier when you’re in the middle of the Christmas season or if you’re a person with … Continued

Excellence, Quality, and Good Should be Earned Words, Not Self Attributed.

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Playing ping pong at my grandpa’s house was always a big deal when I was a little kid. One tiny memory I have was during a game when I was eight or nine years old. I don’t remember the exact … Continued

Where Is Your Church In These Seven Stages?

A while back I heard a Carey Nieuwhof Podcast with Les McKeown, author of Predictable Success. His premise was that every organization goes through these steps: Early Struggle Fun Whitewater Predictable Success Treadmill The Big Rut Death Rattle I thought … Continued

Engage The Hearts and Minds Of Your Church Members (7 Steps)

Much like employees who disengage, sometimes church members quit, but forget to tell anyone. They may still show up now and then, but as far as taking on the responsibility of being a member, there just isn’t much evidence. To … Continued

Eight Habits of Jesus

Jesus had habits. Good, small habits each day help bring about being the person you want to become. Spend your days well and your life will take care of itself. That’s the power of habit. One book I’ve read that has … Continued

When I Write & What I Write

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This week we are celebrating 1000 posts on the Tim Price | Harvest Blog. Probably the question I get asked most often is when do I write? If you’re interested, here’s my typical routine: Being a natural early bird, I … Continued

Posts About My Family

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We’re spending some time this week celebrating 1000 posts on the Tim Price Blog. Here are some of my favorite posts relating to my family.   FAMILY   Family Ministry Trip 2016 Songs From My Kids 10 Fall Traditions We … Continued

Most Read Posts – Celebrating 1000 Posts

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We just hit 1000 posts on the Tim Price Blog. We’re celebrating with some thank you, statistics and giveaways!   OVER THE LAST THREE YEARS…   33,936 users have viewed 84,170 pages on the blog. Of those viewers, the top come … Continued

12 Easily Fixable Sermon Pitfalls

I’m sure you’ve heard some variation of the old joke about the preacher who only works one hour a week? If you’re serving in ministry or involved heavily in the life of the church, you know just about how much … Continued

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