24 Ideas For Providing Unexpected Happiness

On our birthday, we might expect to get a little gift. But when it’s out of the blue and nothing seems to prompt the kindness, it really makes an impact. A gift or gesture given can make a huge impact in those around you – your family, friends or co-workers.

I recently read a little book geared for teachers called Teaching Matters. The focus of one small chapter was how teachers or administrators can help lift the spirits of colleagues. It doesn’t have to be huge or expensive, but can make a powerful difference in the attitude and level of happiness for an individual. This could really be applied in so many different ways.

I have been a recipient of these “unexpected happiness” moments. Once, while meeting with the Harvest Team during training week, our sound guy stopped by the church, found where we were meeting, opened the door, stepped in, placed an Arby’s bag on the table, and walked out.  He didn’t say much, just smiled. Evidently, there must have been a sale on Arby’s Roast Beef Sandwiches and he purchased about 15 and brought them to us. That group of Harvest guys gobbled them down and the moment made an impact. Every once in a while, someone still brings it up!

It’s simple to bring about unexpected happiness. It doesn’t take much. It tells another person you are thinking about them. It can lift the spirits of your team, your organization or your family. What can you do today?

Here are some ideas:


  • Take the staff out to lunch the week after a heavy season or weekend series.
  • Give away free tickets to a game or concert to a ministry leader in the church.
  • Send flowers anonymously to the church administrative assistant on behalf of the church.


  • Send a gift card to the wife and family of a husband who has given lots of extra hours on a big project.
  • Provide t-shirts for the worship team.
  • Provide special homemade treats for the band or tech team some Sunday.


  • Take the youth volunteer staff out for pizza some evening.
  • Take a trip to visit a recently transitioned college freshman.
  • Plan a special surprise for the seniors in the group.


  • Give each teacher a goody bag for no reason.
  • Place a card, signed by all the kids, on the preacher’s pulpit before Sunday.
  • Randomly draw a name that will get a “family night care package” which might include any number of things to encourage them to “take a break on us!”


  • Bring in a treat for the kids.
  • Have a end of year party in their home for the kids.
  • Get a selfie with each child / student, print and send it to them with an encouraging note in the mail.


  • Mail their child a letter.
  • Plan a special trip to do something free with your child.
  • Help redecorate your teenagers room.


  • Take up a tray of someone next to you in the cafeteria.
  • Pass out little chocolates to your friends for no reason.
  • Buy someone a soda or coffee.


  • Write a note to your parent and place it on the bathroom counter.
  • Go knock on a friends door and invite them to play.
  • Give the best seat in the room to another family member during a movie or t.v. show.

*if you teach school, I recommend this book: Teaching Matters. Pick up a copy today. 

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