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Five Ways To Put Your Family First

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When a leader puts his family first, the community benefits. When a leader puts the community first, both his family and the community suffer. – John Maxwell – The Most Powerful 21 Minutes... READ MORE

Risk is Not Just For Large Churches

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All churches must take risks. Peter Drucker says “there are risks we can afford to take, risks we can not afford to take and risks that we cannot afford not to take.” Your... READ MORE

Eight Keys To Learning New Things

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Recently, one of my friends challenged me to do push-ups every day. He does 300 a day, but I’m starting off slowly!  It’s been so long since I have taken doing a push... READ MORE

The Three R’s For Great Team Work

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The three R’s are an important part of the recipe for great teamwork. I read this little reminder in a book called Seven Simple Steps To Unclutter Your Life by Donna Smallin. Respect For Yourself... READ MORE

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