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Remember How To Greet People!

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For most of us, it’s been a while since we’ve greeted others in social settings. We’re going on four months of being cooped up at home during the Shelter-In-Place or slowly going out... READ MORE

Repetition Is Key

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Why do people attend conferences each year? Why do executives meet on conference calls with their teams multiple mornings a week? Why do teachers review the material before a test? Because repetition is... READ MORE

Cutting Back To Move Forward

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“Busyness blurs ministry vision.” Craig Groeschel The natural instinct of a ministry leader is to add more. More ministries, more information, more outlets, more processes. But always adding more doesn’t help a plant... READ MORE

Don’t Get Out Of The Habit

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It doesn’t take long to change a routine. Do something every day for a couple months and suddenly it seems you’ve done it forever! We’ve passed the three-month mark of the 2020 global... READ MORE

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